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...Interesting to note since 2006 April, on the Island of Malta ..Our LADY QUEEN OF PEACE...has been appearing to a man...apparently this spectre or cognitive hallucination or abstraction of the imagination has also been appearing on a hill Borg is also interesting to note the sobriquet of the alleged apparition at also OUR LADY QUEEN of this is theologically untenable since OUR LADY will appear at one time in a Given Locale..for a specific purpose...upon each visit she will relay her message and since Heaven is the perfect potentiation of cause...there will be no redundancy..suffice to say OUR LADY QUEEN OF PEACE..already has an official original shrine in France..the HAWAIIN Islands have also already been consecrated to OUr LADY QUEEN OF PEACE..and so the OUR LADY QUEEN OF PEACE WHO IS APPEARING IN MEDJUGORJE AND IN MALTA..are both frauds....not recognized by the CATHOLIC CHURCH...
..Heaven does not repeat her directives...
..interesting to note as in MEDJUGORJE..Rene Laurentin is also involved with this alleged apparition..if one reads the side bar on the official site you will see his comments on the phenomenon...
..apparently associated with this apparition there was a weeping statue..which effused oil and blood..however after forensic tests which were promted under the directives of the local ARCH-BISHOP it was found the oil to be regular cooking oil..and the blood to be in one instance burnt cooking oil..and in another instance the blood was that of the subject himself ANGELIK CARUANA..
...also it must be noted that the ARchangel URIEL is associated with this is the ANGEL URIEL associated with the fraud of the Holy Love Phenomenon in the both cases the principle seer receives messages  in secret from the ANgel URIEL..and in the case of the MALTA visions the seer himslef has been transported ANGELICally to MEDJUGORJE with the aid of the ANGEL URIEL...
..the quizzical reader may see the website here...
Since 21st April 2006, Our Lady has been appearing to Angelik Caruana, initially at his home and later also on the hill of Borg in_Nadur, Malta and Xewkija, Gozo. The Lady asserts in her messages that she is being sent by her Son Jesus. These apparitions are being followed by the local Catholic Church.

Our Lady

Our Lady

One of the messages the Lady is emphasizing is about radical conversion, even within the Church. She often laments that her heart and that of her Son Jesus are in pain because of the weaknesses of certain priests, the collapse of families and the many sins being committed. She particularly mentions abortion, divorce, euthanasia, pornography, abuse on children, adultery, bad use of sex and the internet, wars and the shortfalls of the religious.

She wants a renewal of the Church, in the same way as it was renewed in the time of St Francis of Assisi. The Lady wants Christians to feel for each other, to truly love one another, and to take notice of the poor around them.

The Lady of Borg in-Nadur, as she has asked to be called (the Lady of Xewkija for Gozo), is asking for urgent conversion from the whole world through:
- The Eucharist
- The Rosary
- Fasting
- Sacrifices
- Penance

Come Holy Spirit, come by the powerful intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, your beloved spouse