Friday, 18 July 2014


Medjugorje Pope Francis...St. BONAVENTURE...The mind’s Road to GOD


“Recently, the Provincial of the Franciscans here in Medjugorje (Fr. Miljenko Steko, ed.) was in Rome for a meeting of Superiors of religious communities. In the course of that stay in Rome, he along with so many others had a few moments personally with Pope Francis” Fr. Kevin Devine began his account of Fr. Miljenko Steko’s meeting with the Pope.

“Pope Francis was standing there, welcoming them, and the Provincial said ”I am the Provincial of the area in which Medjugorje is located.” And the Holy Father’s response was: ”Pray that I have made the right decision”. And we are happy for that and we continue to pray that his decision will be announced soon, and of course we are sure that his discernment and his decision-making is guided especially by the Holy Spirit. But keep those prayers going” Fr. Kevin Devine continued.


..a trans-iteration of a communiqué according to a MEDJUGORJE TABLOID...Medjugorje Today.. this deliberately nebulous information is par for the course apropos the reporting of MEDJUGORJE TODAY...historically the only wholesome message we have from this encampment of artificial journalism is the call to PRAY....for as Saint Bonaventure tells us in his treatise the MIND’S ROAD TO GOD..

By praying thus one is enlightened about the knowledge of the stages in the ascension to God.


...yes we are supplicated to pray..however at MEDJUGORJE not in a like-minded manner...conjoined through the communion of Saints..which is the  most efficacious portal...

..without unified prayer we unwittingly place obexes to grace in our will...and so the fruits of such prayer are green and callow...rather than ripe and tender..the rind of such callow and green fruit is not fit for the KING (GOD)...and so we see such self centred prayer...albeit better in degrees than no prayer at all...such dis-consonance of wills is not pleasing to God who by his very nature is ONE...and so we should approach God in a spirit of togetherness..through his BISHOPS..not through seers who lack tenability...

..since the MESSAGE of MEDJUGORJE is one of a subversive spirit..albeit well intentioned in some cases..yet the MINDs of the supplicants are not requited to the Commission of Christ...whereby Jesus spiritually extended his hand to his faithful to follow the Successors of his Brethren...THE BISHOPS

...indeed God is not bound by his sacraments..and so is able to cull good from evil preveniently & extra-accessorily...

...Now from Saint Bonaventure we hear the true road to God is through prayer..however it must be qualified that this prayer must be based in justice, knowledge, order for one’s prayer to be pleasing to God it must be a just prayer...and if we ignore BISHOP’s in Good standing our prayer is not just but becomes self-serving partiality..which is not intellectualy or spiritually  buttressing the COMMON GOOD..and this type of spirit is repugnant to a spirit of charity which is a bond of love where we wish our neighbour friendship through God in the same measure which we wish such a friendship for ourselves....

..If our MINDS are not mingled in affection intention and will then our intellect must laver these articles of passion so that we SEE together as one..and by seeing as one we will accomplish as one..and by so doing strengthen the CHURCH.... rather than subvert it through false festivals and insouciant recalcitrance for CHURCH AUTHORITY...

Now let us hear what BONAVENTURE  tells us Regarding humankind's place in the order of nature and the most economical way by which we can mount the ladder of the ascent to GOD...


7. Now at the Creation, man was made fit for the repose of contemplation, and therefore God placed him in a paradise of delight [Gen. 2:16]. But turning himself away from the true light to mutable goods, he was bent over by his own sin, and the whole human race by original sin, which doubly infected human nature, ignorance infecting man's mind and concupiscence his flesh. Hence man, blinded and bent, sits in the shadows and does not see the light of heaven unless grace with justice succor him from concupiscence, and knowledge with wisdom against ignorance. All of which is done through Jesus Christ, Who of God is made unto us wisdom and justice and sanctification and redemption [I Cor. 1:30]. He is the virtue and wisdom of God, the Word incarnate, the author of grace and truth--that is, He has infused the grace of charity, which, since it is from a pure heart and good conscience and unfeigned faith, rectifies the whole soul in the threefold way mentioned above. He has taught the knowledge of the truth according to the triple mode of theology--that is, the symbolic, the literal, and the mystical--so that by the symbolic we may make proper use of sensible things, by the literal we may properly use the intelligible, and by the mystical we may be carried aloft to supermental levels.

8. Therefore he who wishes to ascend to God must, avoiding sin, which deforms nature, exercise the above-mentioned natural powers for regenerating grace, and do this through prayer. He must strive toward purifying justice, and this in intercourse; toward the illumination of knowledge, and this in meditation; toward the perfection of wisdom, and this in contemplation. Now just as no one comes to wisdom save through grace, justice, and knowledge, so none comes to contemplation save through penetrating meditation, holy conversation, and devout prayer. Just as grace is the foundation of the will's rectitude and of the enlightenment of clear and penetrating reason, so, first, we must pray; secondly, we must live holily; thirdly, we must strive toward the reflection of truth and, by our striving, mount step by step until we come to the high mountain where we shall see the God of gods in Sion [Ps. 83:8]

9. Since, then, we must mount Jacob's ladder before descending it, let us place the first rung of the ascension in the depths, putting the whole sensible world before us as a mirror, by which ladder we shall mount up to God, the Supreme Creator, that we may be true Hebrews crossing from Egypt to the land promised to our fathers; let us be Christians crossing with Christ from this world over to the Father [John 13:1]; let us also be lovers of wisdom, which calls to us and says, "Come over to me, all ye that desire me, and be filled with my fruits" [Ecclesiasticus 24:26]. For by the greatness of the beauty and of the creature, the Creator of them may be seen [Wisdom 13:5].


...and so we are told without justice and knowledge we cannot ascend to God through his traces..for to do so would be  conspiring against the truth...we gain justice through apprehension of the laws of outlined in the precepts of MOTHER CHURCH...and we gain knowledge through  the supermental illumination received by revelation..the deposit of faith...we must trust the custodians of this deposit


..let us follow Our magisterium so that we may be of one mind..amen