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......WORDS OF THE VIRGIN...?????


Sunday, July 6th, 2014 @ 14:25

My child, my time as the Mother of Salvation, when I will work closely with my beloved Son, Jesus Christ, in His final act to salvage humanity has been firmly established.

I will, as and from this day forward, do all that is required of me to respond to Him as He intervenes in the affairs of the world to reveal His Mercy.

The road to salvation is a very difficult one, as it is never easy to open the eyes of the blind to the Truth. There is nothing more frustrating to witness than those poor souls who cannot see because they refuse to. Man’s stubbornness is a great barrier and because of this great acts of prayer and sacrifice are required by all those who are blessed with the Light of God in their hearts. It will be your generosity of free will, as you bring my Son the gift He desires, which will enable the Holy Spirit to descend upon those souls who are in great need of my Son’s Mercy.

It can be a great challenge to proclaim the Truth, by your faith alone. But while many people are loyal to my Son they do not have the gift of insight. Blind faith in God is a great Gift and is given to those who are tender of heart and devoid of ego. Rise therefore, dear children, and prepare for the great battle for souls. It will be the greatest task even for the strongest amongst you. Allow me, your Mother, to guide you in the times ahead, for I am your Advocate and Jesus Christ has given me great Graces so that I will be able to take you with me along the path to great glory.

Go in peace to love and serve God. For those who follow Him, as little children, every Protection will be accorded to you.

Your beloved Mother

Mother of Salvation this alleged message of the BLESSED MOTHER contains myriad errors...

...first of all the grammar is prentice ...yet one can understand that errors in transliteration may be strewn through the human filter...

...also one sees that the final act of Jesus was his passion and resurrection...Jesus is God and so his one act on the cross was sufficient...through the hypostatic union..this is where we get the term sufficiency..Jesus paid the debt..we need only through the gift of grace make this death occur within mortifying our will and participating at the mass..we conjoin our sacrifice to that of Christ..and so we walk the bridge of justification through him with him and in him...

..also we see the message contains a blatant contradiction...we are told we require the gift of insight..this maybe construed as wise counsel , a supernatural gift of prudence or it maybe discernment who knows...yet later it mentions we need blind faith..yet this is also repugnant to the teachings of the HOLY MAGISTERIUM..for we are exhorted to exercise faith harnessed by reason...through the deposit of faith which contains the tenets or kernels of truth which will guide our journey.... we come to the Magnum Error...

Allow me, your Mother, to guide you in the times ahead, for I am your Advocate and Jesus Christ has given me great Graces so that I will be able to take you with me along the path to great glory.

..the Virgin here is telling us she is the ADVOCATE..this directly contradicts the GOSPEL  where we are told by Jesus that he would send the PARACLETE or ADVOCATE….the THIRD PERSON OF THE HOLY TRINITY…THE HOLY SPIRIT…the Virgin is the Mediatrix of graces…however she is not the ADVOCATE..she is no way divine..and she cannot move men’s wills towards the good..which is what the ADVOCATE does do..




Paraclete, Comforter (L. Consolator; Greek parakletos), an appellation of the Holy Ghost. The Greek word which, as a designation of the Holy Ghost at least, occurs only in St. John (14:16, 26; 15:26; 16:7), has been variously translated "advocate", "intercessor", "teacher, "helper", "comforter". This last rendering, though at variance with the passive form of the Greek, is justified by the Hellenistic usage, a number of ancient versions, patristic and liturgical authority, and the evident needs of the Johannine context. According to St. John the mission of the Paraclete is to abide with the disciples after Jesus has withdrawn His visible presence from them; to inwardly bring home to them the teaching externally given by Christ and thus to stand as a witness to the doctrine and work of the Saviour.




St. Paul (Romans 8:15): "You have received the spirit of adoption whereby we cry: Abba (Father)." The mission of the Paraclete detracts nothing from the mission of Christ. In heaven Christ remains our parakletos or advocate (1 John 2:1). In this world, He is with us even to the consummation of the world (Matthew 28:20), but He is with us through His Spirit of whom He says : "I will send Him to you. He shall glorify me; because He shall receive of mine, and shall shew it to you" (John 16:7, 14). one sees if they exercise reason and not blind faith...this message in a crude and crass manner has the VIRGIN MARY..contradicting the GOSPEL by assuming the spot of the third person of the trinity...God is immutable (non divisible) and so he cannot pass the action of THE HOLY the VIRGIN...indeed Mary does help in the economy of salvation through her fiat..however she would never confuse the issue by misusing specific terms which denote actions and attributes reserved for God alone...

..a soul who is more perspicacious and meticulous than myself may indeed notice & be able to educe more errors..yet for our purpose the above errors will suffice to show that this message CANNOT be of the VIRGIN MARY....

..let the discerning lay person act with caution and ignore these false messages condemned by the CHURCH....amen