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MEDJUGORJE COMMISSION CARDINAL RUINI....thank you for having responded to my cult......


.... Now the church through her spiritual fathers have tomes of wonderful resources for helping the faithful to discern spiritual coercion....the workings of grace on men as well the working of the devil to inhibit the quickening of grace....since it seems many adherents to the phenomenon at medjugorje have chosen through a direct fault of their own to jump to hasty conclusions without consulting these erudite and time seasoned texts of the spiritual fathers.... John of the cross in his spiritual treatise the dark night of the soul...Meister Eckhart....Jan Van Ruysbroeck Flemish mystic...Teresa of Avila....Thomas Aquinas....Bonaventure....St. Ignatius of Loyola {Spiritual Exercises}....and many others can lead us to proper discernment of spiritual action on the soul..

....while God has his disciples the devil also has his..and the devil seeks to divide by presenting something that appears good but at the core is bad.... As a vision from God and his holy angels will follow with true knowledge so too a vision from the devil will follow with false knowledge...as we see in medjugorje the false knowledge here is a notion that it is completely a holy and edifying practice to ignore the edicts of a bishop in good standing who has exhorted the faithful to desist from all veneration of any alleged apparition at medjugorje...this indeed is false knowledge and it is the single most important aspect since one who is in open defiance of apostolic succession has divided themselves from Jesus and his church and is a spiritual schismatic...a person cannot be defiant of a bishop who has given a lawful order and has not condoned any sin and still expect to be in spiritual communion with the church...it is different if the bishop were to lead the faithful into an action of sin for example to condone birth control or same-sex marriage.

...... however this is not the case at medjugorje....St. Louis DeMontfort warns us about empty devotions...the devil wants nothing more than the faithful to practice these devotions while in direct defiance to the laws of Holy Church or the commandments of God...indeed the devil is known to inspire false conversions which are based solely on inordinate self-love...people who love God solely for their own advantage....they are spiritual merchants since every devotion they practice has as its sole desire the increase of bodily comfort or interior delight...these people never ask for the cross of Christ..these people do not seek to be another simon of cyrene who was exhorted to help Jesus carry his cross...as Jesus said if you love me follow my father’s commandments and we will come and making a dwelling place within you reside..

......when a person willfully defies a bishop who is in good standing this person does not love God since God set up the bishops to watch over the flock as a spiritual fence...exteriorly they claim love of God however interiorly they love themselves and their own judgements...they seek to have a sordid affair with visions and hallucinations and they subvert good holy devotions making them vapid exercises in futility because they glorify themselves and their own curiosity and not the cross of Christ which consists of self-renunciation and obedience to the apostles..they are void of any humble spirituality...they are petulant, impetuous, arrogant, conceited...they persist in folly and seek lying wonders over the truth which resides in the bosom of the church......the only way some of these people will wake up from their pseudo-spiritual trance is through a harsh rebuke and this will hurt them as a hard spiritual stone might since they are solely devoted to feelings and counterfeit spiritual flushing and heats which are most likely inspired by the devil..they have not practiced mortifications of the flesh, will and emotion and so a rebuke from an authority as a truth such as an edict from the bishop hurts their spiritual pride and they ignore it since it opposes their self –love...and so the rebukes they receive through justice will hurt as spiritual stones since like beasts they rely on fleshly feeling and not intellect and faith ...they seek to climb to God on fleshly emotion which is rough and crude..as the bible says the human heart is perverse who can understand it???... they do not understand the ladder of ascent to God lies in spiritual obedience and humility...

......Jesus the divine master showed us on the cross since he was obedient unto death and through obedience to the father he rose up again...since the bishop is our spiritual father concerning theses apparitions we can see the analogy..however the medjugorje adherents who claim mary is appearing are disobedient to every spiritual authority since not one authority including the Vatican has ever publicly ratified any supernatural event occurring in medjugorje other than that of the sacraments occurring at this place.... to say one is to wait and see for the results of a new commission is to contradict Jesus who said he was and is the Good Shepherd and that he would watch over the flock...if we are to wait and see that means we have no Shepherd only our own fallible cognition....in effect we are calling Jesus a liar.

....the Church has made official pronouncements and indeed people are free to go anywhere and venerate mary however they cannot assert that mary is appearing at this place to do so is spiritually proud , bold, reckless, and an affront to the good name of the local ordinary at this place..in turn it is an affront on the pope who appointed this bishop since through the bishop the pope exerts his authority...when we defy a bishop in good standing who is exhorting us within his proper precepts and not espousing any sin or transgression of holy church doctrine we are indirectly defying the pope..... to better illustrate my meaning we can see how through saint Francis we can achieve true charity and perfect joy...which is opposed to the message of medjugorje and its call to feigned Pantheistic peace and emotional delectation...How St. Francis Taught Brother Leo That Perfect Joy Is Only In the Cross....

One winter day St. Francis was coming to St. Mary of the Angels from Perugia with Brother Leo, and the bitter cold made them suffer keenly. St. Francis called to Brother Leo, who was walking a bit ahead of him, and he said: "Brother Leo, even if the Friars Minor in every country give a great example of holiness and integrity and good edification, nevertheless write down and note carefully that perfect joy is not in that." And when he had walked on a bit, St. Francis called him again, saying: "Brother Leo, even if a Friar Minor gives sight to the blind, heals the paralyzed, drives out devils, gives hearing back to the deaf, makes the lame walk, and restores speech to the dumb, and what is still more, brings back to life a man who has been dead four days, write that perfect joy is not in that."

And going on a bit, St. Francis cried out again in a strong voice: "Brother Leo, if a Friar Minor knew all languages and all sciences and Scripture, if he also knew bow to prophesy and to reveal not only the future but also the secrets of the consciences and minds of others, write down and note carefully that perfect joy is not in that." And as they walked on, after a while St. Francis called again forcefully: 'Brother Leo, Little Lamb of God, even if a Friar minor could speak with the voice of an angel, and knew the courses of the stars and the powers of herbs, and knew all about the treasures in the earth, and if he knew the qualities of birds and fishes, animals, humans, roots, trees, rocks, and waters, write down and note carefully that true joy is not in that."

And going on a bit farther, St. Francis called again strongly: "Brother Leo, even if a Friar Minor could preach so well that he should convert all infidels to the faith of Christ, write that perfect joy is not there." Now when he had been talking this way for a distance of two miles, Brother Leo in great amazement asked him: "Father, I beg you in God's name to tell me where perfect joy is." And St. Francis replied; "When we come to St. Mary of the Angels, soaked by the rain and frozen by the cold, all soiled with mud and suffering from hunger, and we ring at the gate of the Place and the brother porter comes and says angrily: 'Who are you?' And we say: 'We are two of your brothers.' And he contradicts us, saying: 'You are not telling the truth. Rather you are two rascals who go around deceiving people and stealing what they give to the poor. Go away]' And he does not open for us, but makes us stand outside in the snow and rain, cold and hungry, until night falls-then if we endure all those insults and cruel rebuffs patiently, without being troubled and without complaining, and if we reflect humbly and charitably that that porter really knows us and that God makes him speak against us, oh, Brother Leo, write that perfect joy is there!

'And if we continue to knock, and the porter comes out in anger, and drives us away with curses and hard blows like bothersome scoundrels, saying; 'Get away from here, you dirty thieves-go to the hospital! Who do you think you are? You certainly won't eat or sleep here'--and if we bear it patiently and take the insults with joy and love in our hearts, Oh, Brother Leo, write that that is perfect joy! And if later, suffering intensely from hunger and the painful cold, with night falling, we still knock and call, and crying loudly beg them to open for us and let us come in for the love of God, and he grows still more angry and says: 'Those fellows are bold and shameless ruffians. I'll give them what they deserve.' And he comes out with a knotty club, and grasping us by the cowl throws us onto the ground, rolling us in the mud and snow, and beats us with that club so much that he covers our bodies with wounds--if we endure all those evils and insults and blows with joy and patience, reflecting that we must accept and bear the sufferings of the Blessed Christ patiently for love of Him, oh, Brother Leo, write: that is perfect joy!

'And now hear the conclusion, Brother Leo. Above all the graces and gifts of the Holy Spirit which Christ gives to His friends is that of conquering oneself and willingly enduring sufferings, insults, humiliations, and hardships for the love of Christ. For we cannot glory in all those other marvelous gifts of God, as they are not ours but God's, as the Apostle says: 'What have you that you have not received?' But we can glory in the cross of tribulations and afflictions, because that is ours, and so the Apostle says: 'I will not glory save in the Cross of Our Lord Jesus Christ.'" To whom be honor and glory forever and ever. Amen. from The Little Flowers of St Francis, The "Fioretti"

Saturday, 6 April 2013

MEDJUGORJE is decadent and depraved.......Medjugorje Commission will announce findings....


From the first instances the spirit of  MEDJUGORJE has not reconciled itself with the traditions, customs and Holy ordinances of Holy Mother Church..MEDJUGORJE is emotionally decadent and  spiritually depraved....the movement arose from the charismatic notion of touching and laying on of hands which traditionally is a charism reserved for the apostles themselves and so many proponents feel the need to attach an inordinate amount of emotionality to their spirituality...hence the apparaent need to associate religious experience with interior consolation...as a result of the inordinate zeal , inordinate self -love and vaulting pride this has led to a usurping of the apostolic authority in that  place ....the abandonment of proper authority has divorced these souls from the reason equation ... faith and reason=salvation...faith without reason =slave-ation or depravation of truth  which has as one of its effects freedom from oppression ....it is blind worship religion is subverted and digresses to the point of superstition..where people lust for signs and wonders...this lust for bodily comfort cancels out the mortifications one receives through fasting which is supposedly one of the calls to action by the apparent apparition..we also see  depravation of the reason through sensory illusion..people searching for signs in the sun ...the hostility seen against the ordinary of that place is the result of envy and stems from a lack of charity since many adherents feel jilted by that ordinary since their good feelings which can be symbolically seen as their personal offering to God or approval of his presence in a supernatural character ... and so the local ordinary of MEDJUGORJE as a co adjutor for God has not accepted their offerings or emotional feeling about this place..and so like cain who had not felt he received his just due in regards his offering to God ...many adherents have sought to murder the good character of this bishop through calumny and detractions of character...since the devil is a spiritual being  ie. he has no lower appetites he can only commit sins associated with the intellect namely envy and pride..we see these two sins abundantly in the aspect of the dispositions of many of the adherents of medjugorje....we can also see that since the church has made no official approval it is spiritually prideful to claim mary is appearing at this place..to say one is sure when the church itself is not is an act of pride and this judging harms unity in the church since it makes one an authority where none can be claimed and so is a sin against charity and justice since according to our respective vocations in the mystical body of Christ we each have our own authority respective of our station ...to go outside our authority is a sin of spiritual gluttony...also it is a sin against charity since one is attempting to steal the rightful authority from the ones whom Jesus has appointed in the first place to protect the flock...it is a sin against justice since by God’s justice we are supposed to protect our brothers from error but by making judgements outside our authority we are prone to making error and so this is unjust for we are not practicing humility by acknowledging our proper station in life....to judge apparitions with the intention of protecting the flock from harm is a charism set aside for successors to the apostles and not for lay –people....
all good that stems from MEDJUGORJE can be ascribed to the direct actions of grace through the sacraments and sacramentals used at this place ..with no certitude can one say that mary is appearing here...to say that we must wait and see for the results of a new comission we are contradicting Jesus in the gospel when he says he is the good shepherd and he will watch over the fold to protect it from the wolf of doubt..if we are to wait and see this means we walk in doubt based on our own frail perceptions which are fallible ...indeed without any certitude from the church we are acting on our own presumption..indeed the church has said it is not sure and so the safe road is one of caution...too much  fire of zeal can and will indeed burn down the edifices of the church (the traditions) that have protected it for so long...http://www.catholicnewsagency.com/news/holy_see_confirms_formation_of_medjugorje_commission/