Saturday, 22 February 2014


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john konnor

I am a Catholic of good conscience who amid the spiritual noise and intemperance rashness and anti virtuous confusion of the Phenomenon of Medjugorje through reasonable diligence and by the norms of the Church seeks to provide a sensible counter balanced discernment in cogency with the mind of the Church which Jesus founded through the traditions of his apostles..

......just like Elijah at the cave I seek to hear the voice of God not in the noise of the wind which is the ever changing mercurial views of the people enslaved by curiosity nor in the earthquake which is meant to mean the spirit of sin which comes from the prince of the earth who is the Devil nor in the fire which is intemperance and imprudence (rashness) but in the still small voice of spiritual contemplation which is characterized by humility and trust and walking the ways of the Gospel of Christ by taking up his cross and forgetting the self....amen

24 Then Jesus said to his disciples: If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me.

---Matthew 16:24  (Douay Rheims)


….”And He proposes this doctrine, not to His disciples only, but in common to the whole world, saying, "If any man will," that is, if woman, if man, if king, if free, if slave; there are three things mentioned; "let him deny himself, take up his cross, and follow me."”

--Chrys:(St. Thomas, Catena Aurea (The Golden Chain)  Gospel of St. Matthew 16, Lectio 6.

….”Hilary: We are to follow our Lord by taking up the cross of His passion; and if not in deed, yet in will, bear Him company.”



… follow not only in deed but in WILL is the key and by ignoring the will of the Bishop at Medjugorje we do not bear Christ company since  the good Bishop bears no parity in character to the hands of the Sanhedrin or the hands of Pilate  or the hands of the Centurions yet Christ submitted himself calmly in obedience to these unjust judges how much should we at MEDJUGORJE submit ourselves to the Good Bishop yet the proponents of Medjugorje do not see this and through their disobedience feel they are doing God a great service which is a tragedy at best …..amen