Friday, 25 July 2014



….a categorical imperative or reason dictating the moral law must determinate a man’s actions.. exhorting us to obey the precepts of Holy MOTHER CHURCH…through the exercise of humility..whereby we understand our place in the necessary chain of causality..which in the end orders everything to the common good end of the universe…

for God, Whose will is perfectly holy, the moral law cannot be obligatory, it is for man, who is subject to sensuous impulses, an imperative command. Accordingly, the categorical imperative is the moral law enacted by practical reason, obligatory for man, whose sensibility is discordant from the rational order, and demanding obedience from respect for its universality and necessity.”

-Catholic Encyclopedia as scrupulous Catholics we for the sake of the common good  must obey the judgement of the local Ordinary…since we are told the messages of MARIA DIVINE MERCY may not be used as a condolence or as an addendum to orthodox Catholic worship….

..yet we see these messages  like a brace of vipers persistently  disemminated amongst the faithful…in obdurate defiance of the categorical imperative precept to do good and eskew evil…thereby fostering unity in the one true CHURCH…

..from a most recent message we see many errors which betray the authenticity…



Tuesday, July 15th, 2014 @ 18:00

My dearly beloved daughter, the world has forsaken Me, as foretold, and the greatest betrayal upon My Body has been inflicted.

My Word is being torn into shreds and many of those who say they are wise to My Teachings will be oblivious to the persecution, which will be inflicted upon My Church. Just as I was cursed, during My Crucifixion, by those who proudly boasted of their supreme wisdom in My Ways, will I be denounced at this, My second time to come to claim My Kingdom.

Ungrateful souls, devoid of simplicity or humility, they will never accept the voice of those they consider to be unworthy to utter the Truth. They will never accept the Truth, for when they accept falsities in My Name, there will be no room in their hearts for the Spirit of God to flood their souls. Instead of preparing humanity for My Great Mercy – the Day I promised the world – they will turn their backs. They will not recognize the Divine Signs sent to open their hearts in readiness for Me, because of their proud and hardened hearts. They will also do all that they can to stop the Word of God from reaching out to every sinner in the world and for that I will never let them forget this.

He who loses Me a soul, loses his own. He who blocks My Path will have nowhere to turn himself. He who swears against the Will of God will be cursed. What have you truly learned from Me if you cannot recall the Truth of My Promise to come again? My Kingdom will come on Earth as it is in Heaven and those who have failed to grasp what I said will be none the wiser. They will have squandered the Graces I send now and barricade themselves into a prison of such darkness that they will be blinded by My Light on the Great Day.

My Time is soon and there is only so much that I can do to prepare you. My Love remains as Great as it is Merciful, but you must also help yourselves, for it is not easy to be made worthy of My Promise of Salvation.

Your Jesus


..the first obvious error with this message is the fact that Jesus now has a GLORFIED & IMPASSABLE body..and so no evil can be inflicted upon his body…


I answer that, It is necessary to assert that after the resurrection the bodies of the saints will be lightsome, on account of the authority of Scripture which makes this promise. But the cause of this clarity is ascribed by some to the fifth or heavenly essence, which will then predominate in the human body. Since, however, this is absurd, as we have often remarked (84, 1), it is better to say that this clarity will result from the overflow of the soul's glory into the body. For whatever is received into anything is received not according to the mode of the source whence it flows, but according to the mode of the recipient. Wherefore clarity which in the soul is spiritual is received into the body as corporeal. And consequently according to the greater clarity of the soul by reason of its greater merit, so too will the body differ in clarity, as the Apostle affirms (1 Corinthians 15:41). Thus in the glorified body the glory of the soul will be known, even as through a crystal is known the color of a body contained in a crystal vessel, as Gregory says on Job 28:17, "Gold or crystal cannot equal it."

Thomas Aquinas, Summa Theologica..Supplement..Question 85..Article 1..will there be clarity in the glorified bodies..


…we also know that whatever is in heaven has achieved its perfection according to its mode of being..and so nothing in heaven can be it follows that the body of Jesus cannot be adulterated or insulted..or deprived of any brilliance…

Sacred Scripture bears witness to this truth. For it is written: “With God there is no change nor shadow of alteration” (James 1:17).

..also it must be said of God`s word..that it cannot be torn to shreds..for God`s word is cannot be altered..for by itself it is the elucidation of natural law as an extension of the eternal law..nor can it be demobilized..God`s word is invincible…

….when the message above tells that men will turn their backs…this is the error of the Pelagians where we are told man has the ability to reject prevenient grace…or that man has a power above God to work his own salvation..which is absurd…

..the above message contains many other irreducible errors..however for the sake of brevity..the errors educed will suffice…

…let us all honour and obey the precepts of HOLY MOTHER CHURCH..for the sake of respect of the dignity of the station afforded the successors to the Apostles which has been granted by Christ himself…amen