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MEDJUGORJE UPDATE| RACHEL weeps... God in his Providence & goodly Grandeur has provided us with tools with which to seek him out...since charity is a bond of love where the beloved and the lover share an embrace of the affection and the intellect..for we cannot love a thing unless we know it...and God let's us know him through two important tools ... FAITH (FIDE)  and REASON (RATIO)..hence we have the infusion of Faith which is a supernatural gift which lifts us up from the dark recesses of sin where we are bent and blinded by our concupiscent nature...& we have REASON which is a verdant mind corrected & steered by the revelation as contained in the deposit of faith... sees from the commentary below that Faith without Reason breeds all sorts of unseemly habits that are not beneficial to the unity of HOLY MOTHER taken mystically we might understand that the relationship between RACHEL & JACOB  is to be likened to a betrothal between Faith and REASON...Jacob mystically represents GOD and Rachel mystically represents it follows that at MEDJUGORJE..REASON is in want of her children for they are orphaned over to the tyrants of pride. disobedience and spiritual gluttony....hope in God's mercy without trust in his ordinances is rash presumption and unjust as well as unbecoming to the virtue of charity..let the reader continue...

Then was fulfilled that which was spoken by Jeremias the prophet, saying: [18] A voice in Rama was heard, lamentation and great mourning; Rachel bewailing her children, and would not be comforted, because they are not.

Matthew 2:17-18


Thus saith the Lord: A voice was heard on high of lamentation, of mourning, and weeping, of Rachel weeping for her children, and refusing to be comforted for them, because they are not.

[16] Thus saith the Lord: Let thy voice cease from weeping, and thy eyes from tears: for there is a reward for thy work, saith the Lord: and they shall return out of the land of the enemy. [17] And here is hope for thy last end, saith the Lord: and the children shall return to their own borders

Jeremiah 31:15-17


“Of reason springeth right counsel and ghostly wits; and of affection springeth holy desires and ordained[26] feelings. And right as Rachel and Leah were both wives unto Jacob, right so man's soul through light of knowing in the reason, and sweetness of love in the affection, is spoused unto God. By Jacob is understanden God, by Rachel is understanden reason, by Leah is understanden affection. Each of these wives, Rachel and Leah, took to them a maiden; Rachel took Bilhah, and Leah took Zilpah. Bilhah was a great jangler, and Zilpah was ever drunken and thirsty. By Bilhah is understanden imagination, the which is servant unto reason, as Bilhah was to Rachel; by Zilpah is understanden sensuality, the which is servant unto affection, as Zilpah was to Leah. And so much are these maidens needful to their ladies, that without them all this world might serve them of nought.

For why, without imagination reason may not know, and without sensuality affection may not feel. And yet imagination cryeth so inconveniently[27] in the ears of our heart that, for ought that reason her lady may do, yet she may not still her. And therefore it is that oft times when we should pray, so many divers fantasies of idle and evil thoughts cry in our hearts, that on no wise we may by our own mights drive them away. And thus it is well proved that Bilhah is a foul jangler. And also the sensuality is evermore so thirsty, that all that affection her lady may feel,[28] may not yet slake her thirst. The drink that she desireth is the lust of fleshly, kindly, and worldly delights,[29] of the which the more that she drinketh the more she thirsteth; for why, for to fill the appetite of the sensuality, all this world may not suffice; and therefore it is that oft times when we pray or think on God and ghostly things, we would fain feel sweetness of love in our affection,[30] and yet we may not, for are we so busy to feed the concupiscence of our sensuality; for evermore it is greedily asking, and we have a fleshly compassion thereof.

 And thus it is well proved that Zilpah is evermore drunken and thirsty. And right as Leah conceived of Jacob and brought forth seven children, and Rachel conceived of Jacob and brought forth two children, and Bilhah conceived of Jacob and brought forth two children, and Zilpah conceived of Jacob and brought forth two children; right so the affection conceiveth through the grace of God, and bringeth forth seven virtues; and also the sensuality conceiveth through the grace of God, and bringeth forth two virtues; and also the reason conceiveth through the grace of God, and bringeth forth two virtues; and also the imagination conceiveth through the grace of God, and bringeth forth two virtues, or two beholdings. And the names of their children and of their virtues shall be known by this figure that followeth:

Husband: Jacob temporally, God spiritually. Wives to Jacob: Leah, that is to say, Affection; Rachel, that is to say, Reason. Maid to Leah is Zilpah, that is to understand, Sensuality; and Bilhah maiden to Rachel, that is to understand, Imagination.
The sons of Jacob and Leah are these seven that followeth: Reuben signifieth dread of pain; Simeon, sorrow of sins; Levi, hope of forgiveness; Judah, love of righteousness; Issachar, joy in inward sweetness; Zebulun, hatred of sin; Dinah, ordained shame.
The sons of Jacob and Zilpah, servant of Leah, are these: Gad, abstinence; Asher, patience.
The sons of Jacob and of Rachel are these: Joseph, discretion; Benjamin, contemplation.
The sons of Jacob and Bilhah, servant to Rachel, are these: Dan, sight of pain to come; and Naphtali, sight of joy to come.
In this figure it is shewed apertly of Jacob and of his wives, and their maidens, and all their children. Here it is to shew on what manner they were gotten, and in what order:--

First, it is to say of the children of Leah; for why, it is read that she first conceived. The children of Leah are nought else to understand but ordained affections or feelings in a man's soul; for why, if they were unordained, then were they not the sons of Jacob. Also the seven children of Leah are seven virtues, for virtue is nought else but an ordained and a measured feeling in a man's soul. For then is man's feeling in soul ordained when it is of that thing that it should be; then it is measured when it is so much as it should be. These feelings in a man's soul may be now ordained and measured, and now unordained and unmeasured; but when they are ordained and measured, then are they accounted among the sons of Jacob.” the mystical sense one takes JACOB to mean God spiritually..or a symbol to illustrate an abstract concept...for most certainly Jacob in real is not GOD..yet he is a spiritual God is our First cause...

.since Rachel is a wife to Jacob she signifies the faculty of REASON...and so since Leah the wife to Jacob brought forth seven children we understand Leah in a spiritual sense to mean the soul’s AFFECTIONS...and the children to mean the HOLY VIRTUES.. without REASON and AFFECTION the soul does not function...since PRUDENCE mortifies the REASON and OBEDIENCE mortifies the WILL we see such  VIRTUES are greatly lacking at MEDJUGORJE...and so mystically we are able to understand that the children of Rachel being Joseph and Benjamin..are taken to mean Joseph who is in the spiritual sense  DISCRETION and Benjamin in the spiritual sense take to mean CONTEMPLATION...for then we are able to deduce that this bible passage is rightly understood as meaning since the REASON is in want of her children namely DISCRETION and CONTEMPLATION..we cannot see properly ordered we have the sin of SIRITUAL GLUTTONY.. & so at MEDJUGORJE we have no COMMUNION..but only a figure of the truth which occurs under a false pretense of vanity..for if we love God we will love his agents... one if they apply this to the phenomenon at MEDJUGORJE we see that we have no Holy Dread of the Doomsman..which is to be meant that we have no Temperance or Holy Fear for the precepts of the just judge(GOD) working through his precepts via MOTHER CHURCH since the Bishop is ignored and the Vatican directives of not allowing anyone to publish messages as coming from the Gospa to be ordained as supernatural...and so this is why Rachel (REASON) is in want of her children..since there is no DISCRETION or ordained CONTEMPLATION of short we have a festival which exhalts inordinate self-love...

..indeed Rachel will cease her mourning since through Christ the children of REASON shall return to their borders which is to be understood as returning to the CHURCH eventually by the grace of the way of the ordained precepts of HOLY MOTHER CHURCH...

..and so we must beware such people who practice religion by AFFECTION void of REASON...and so all their devotions are outward false piety or displays of false humility..and so they attend the SACRAMENTS in a superficial way...and in this way are presumptive of God's mercy...for they have not put off the old person and put on the new..they are merely putting on a sheep's cloak..which is coarsened due to the lower APPETITES...while inwardly they are ravenous wolves...they are slaves to the ravenous desire of gaining good things and eternal rewards..but they refuse to put on the shield of Christ or the inward disposition of KNOWLEDGE and REASON...and so they give outwardly a false example of faith...and we honoring the CHURCH of CHRIST must have-care against such false witnesses or PROPHETS as we are told in scripture...patience and kind correction are needed for the devil is not far-afield ready to stir up contention amongst believers...

..however in the mean time we must sound the alarm and tell our brothers and sisters in Christ that without Temperance we cannot hope in God’s mercy for without holy fear our hope is presumption..and this presumption is a sin against the Holy Ghost...

..let us all walk according to a recollected spirit in charity and justice....amen