Saturday, 16 August 2014



…among the most cunning  & defiant… obstinate to reproof and incorrigibly obtuse enemies of the Church we have the most recent messages from MARIA DIVINE MERCY…


Wednesday, August 6th, 2014 @ 13:00

My dear children, be mindful of those who persecute you in the Name of my Son, Jesus Christ, as they will be careful to hide behind a veneer of holiness. The evil one will never present as he really is, because he is far too cunning. He will, instead, through the souls he influences, approach you with a façade of love and many will fall for this deceit. The words he uses may seem soothing and enticing, but they will leave an uneasy feeling in your soul.

When Messages are given to the world by the command of my Eternal Father, they will never make demands of you. They will never give a man power over you to encourage you to pledge allegiance to any living person. All glory must be to God. No man can promise you salvation, as this can only come from God. You may prepare your souls as you have been taught by my Son, Jesus Christ, and receive the Sacraments. You may accept the Gifts of Graces given to you, through me, the Immaculate Virgin Mary, but you do not need permission from anyone in order to be made worthy to serve my Son, in this or any other mission, sanctioned in Heaven.

Be wary of the enemies of my Son, as they are everywhere, doing all in their power to blind
humanity from the Truth of my Son’s Promise to come again. He will return soon and then the Truth will be made known and all that He promised will come to light. Until the great Day of the Lord you must only focus on my Son and place all your trust in Him. My Son has sent no one to distract you from these Messages, the last of their kind, and any one who claims otherwise does not come from Him.

Trust, trust, trust in the Mercy of my Son. Listen to what He has taught you – all is contained in the Holy Bible. His Word is simple. It is not complicated. Just follow His Teachings, which span over 2,000 years and then you will find peace.

Your Beloved Mother



….we see in a most latest message that according to Mary the Virgin has been sent to distract the duped hoi-polloi who sincerely on good grace believe such messages to be genuine utterances of the Mother of God and Jesus… the diamond of truth of which Holy Mother Church evinces in all facets by default makes it a holy obligation that all who attend the mass derived from the latin missa taken in the sense of the echaristic celebration as a well as intimated in the closing versicle -ite missa est..for we may read in the summa theologica...that along with the faithful Christ has also been sent as victim to us to fortify the body spiritual so we may go in peace and serve the upholding his commands of love...
And from this the mass derives its name [missa; because the priest sends [mittit] his prayers up to God through the angel, as the people do through the priest. or else because Christ is the victim sent [missa] to us: accordingly the deacon on festival days "dismisses" the people at the end of the mass, by saying: "Ite, missa est," that is, the victim has been sent [missa est] to God through the angel, so that it may be accepted by God.
aquinas summa theologic part 3 question83 article 4 a soul may see all the devout are sent to eschew evil and uphold the tenets of the faith…to live the a true spirit of  practical well the Apostles themselves were sent by order of Christ’s Great Commission to preach and to teach and to baptize…in this manner the successors to the Apostles or the living magisterium is sent to root out error and ensure the indefectibiliy of the  Church and her dogmas…and so by these facts...the whole CHurch has been sent to wage spiritual battle against the above message... is from those sent by God …the Church militant… that we are told MARIA DIVINE MERCY IS FALSE AND CONDEMNED…. also must understand that since Maria Divine Mercy through her prevaricated messages has set herself up as an enemy to those who have been sent..and in short she has set the house of spirit (Church) which Christ has set up against Christ himself…

..when the above message tells us that “no man can promise you salvation”..or…”you must prepare your souls as you have been taught by my Son, Jesus Christ , and receive the Sacraments”…such a message thwarts the concept of the Pope who is the sovereign pontiff..and anyone who denies such a tenet has set themselves up as a heretic materially and in some cases formally…we are here given a contradictory message..for since the ones who have been sent by Christ have already condemned this diaspora ..or better said those who have been dispersed from the true way and who now follow error cannot teach themselves this is known as relativism…our living magisterium..these ones are those who will teach through spiritual extension as Christ taught…again this ruins the notion of the Paraclete who was said to be sent to impart the truth upon the successors (the living magisterium)… by ignoring the decrees of the teaching magisterium this diaspora of the false cultus of Maria Divine Mercy cannot share in the graces of the sacraments since they have spiritually cut themselves off from the channels of grace…the living magisterium..this in effect has placed obstacles to grace..for we know sacraments have a power ex opere operato (Through the work done) however in order to be efficacious the Sacraments require the proper form and rubric…if a properly ordained minister does not confect or ordain the Sacrament then such a Sacrament becomes null..also those who are improperly disposed to receive such a sacrament the case of the clan of Maria Divine Mercy would be schismatized and so from such a excommunication would be precluding the action of sanctifying grace..and so it follows would only be making a spiritual visit to the sacrament..and impute judgement upon themselves by order of their rebellion...since by following a condemned seer they would be outside the Body of believers..either by their own grievous fault or by external coercion…

..true we have the concept of invincible ignorance..however in the matter of one’s salvation such a soul is bound by the natural law to seek out their purpose..and this is nothing more than to rest in God…nescience is never ignorance and so when we plead ignorant we call guilt upon ourselves..for it shows we did not take proper care to seek the truth as it was within the grasp of our faculties and means… it stands the previous message allegedly from the MOTHER OF iindubitably FALSE…since it creates havock between what those who have been sent by God to protect us under the guidance of the Paraclete proclaim… and what the Mother of God is conveying through this spurious message… short from the message of August 6th 2014 we are told the Mother of God is condoning a betrayal of the Church..and she is contravening Christ’s commission…by ignoring the articles of the creed where we are told the Church is One Holy & Apostolic…

..let us be on our guard against false seers…amen