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..due to a recent AUTHORITY crisis in the HOLY CATHOLIC AND APOSTOLIC CHURCH…we have many souls who have taken the work of the teaching Church upon themselves…we have many crusaders or knights errant who suffer from an excess of piety of zeal..but an defecit of felicity, prudence, temperance (HOLY FEAR) and REASON.. these self-righteous souls who in the frame of DON QUIXOTE seek to sally forth with their trusty sidekicks…the false seers in many fight the windmills of terror..which actually in reality are only figments of over active imaginations…specters assimilated into the memory from the exaggerated phantasms of paranoid and worried dispositions… one such FALSE SEER who is taking advantage of this AUTHORITY crisis and who is promoting a creeping syncretic worship through strict act consequentialism is MARIA DIVINE MERCY…


..according to a most recent message we have many contradictions in the nature of God which are attributed to the MOTHER of God herself…now this is dubious and not altogether cromulent..when one peruses the message for coherency and fidelity to the artifacts of God’s nature we see ERRORS…

..let us read the most recent FALSE MESSAGE..


Thursday, July 24th, 2014 @ 16:48

My dear children of God, you must never forget how special you are in God’s Eyes, for He loves you all unconditionally. How He loves you is beyond your comprehension. He smiles when you smile. He laughs when you laugh. He weeps when you are blighted with pain and sorrow and He becomes enraged when you suffer persecution at the hands of others.

At this time in history, when hatred infests nations everywhere and when innocents are tortured, oppressed and killed, His Hand will reach out and punish the wicked. When humanity defies God by showing no regard for the Laws of God and, in particular, respect for the life of another human being, His Punishment will engulf the world. He, who shows no respect for human life, does not acknowledge God or His Divinity.

God is the Creator and Author of Life – He gives it and only He has the Authority to take it away. Oh how much sorrow there is at this time in His heavenly Kingdom, because of the aggression, which is fuelled by the evil one, against His Creation.

You must ask God to alleviate the suffering, which is caused in the world by men whose hearts are cold, angry and full of hatred. Those who inflict terror on others need your prayers. Please recite this Prayer to protect the weak and the innocent and to alleviate the horrors which man has to endure at this time.

Crusade Prayer (162) To protect the weak and the innocent:

O God, Father Almighty, please protect the weak and the innocent, who suffer at the hands of those with hatred in their hearts. Alleviate the suffering endured by Your poor helpless children.

Give them all the Graces they need to protect themselves from Your enemies. Fill them with courage, hope and charity, so that they can find it in their hearts to forgive those who torment them.

I ask You, dear Lord, my Eternal Father, to forgive those who defy the Law of Life and help them to see how much their actions offend You, so that they can amend their ways and seek solace in Your Arms. Amen.

Children, pray, pray, pray for the protection of those who suffer because of their allegiance to God, the Eternal Father, and for those who are the victims of cruel and senseless wars.

Your beloved Mother

Mother of Salvation

..indeed a call to prayer is a call full of good aspirations yet what of the underlying intention..we must uncover the insidious intention lurking beneath the surface which is betrayed by the serious ERRORS inherent... we see the first error has to do with the primary attribute of God..God is omnipresent..meaning he is everywhere…however this is not to say he is in a BODY and everywhere at the same time..for God can do anything which does not imply a logical impossibility…which means to say God has no BODY…
Book 1 CHAPTER 20
[2] Every body, being a continuum, is composite and has parts. But, as we have shown, God is not composite, and is, therefore, not a body.

[3] Again, everything possessed of quantity is in a certain manner in potency. For a continuum is potentially divisible to infinity, while numbers can be increased to infinity. But every body has quantity and is therefore in potency. But God is not in potency, being pure act, as has been shown. Therefore, God is not a body

...for if God had a body it would limit God to being enclosed in one place by the perimeters created by this Body of God…when we say God smiles we must understand this to mean that God shows solicitude to his creatures…for he has no mouth..when we say in God’s eyes we must understand this to mean the eye of God’s intellect for what he understands he sees through an intellectual operation…and so forth…now the MAGNUM ERROR of the above message is this…

….God cannot become enraged…or PROVOKED..God is unchanging

For we see it written in 1 Corinthians 13:5

Charity is patient, is kind: charity envieth not, dealeth not perversely; is not puffed up; [5] Is not ambitious, seeketh not her own, is not provoked to anger, thinketh no evil;

..since God is the cause of charity in all things he cannot be provoked..or moved by an external..for he is the first efficient cause he is the first mover…he cannot be moved for this would imply there is a higher cause than God and this is a logical impossibility…
Book 1 Chapter 19
[2] Everything in which there is found something violent and outside nature has something added to itself, for what belongs to the substance of a thing can be neither violent nor outside nature. Now, nothing simple has anything added to itself, since this would render it composite. Since, then, God is simple, as we have shown, nothing in Him can be violent or outside nature.
..nothing can be added to God hence he cannot be provoked to violence...

..when we hear that God becomes angry in scripture this is purely metaphorical…and since anger rightly understood is a passion associated with the irascible appetite..and a side effect of sorrow due to an evil inflicted…we see God is perfect and invincible and so no evil can be inflicted on him and so he cannot be sad in a passive way which can be coerced through an external agent…God can only be sad in an eternal unchanging way due to the prospects of sin..also God being unchanging and still he cannot be provoked to anger by something outside of him…this is not to say God does not hate sin..since sin is something which is outside his nature and so it is repugnant to his being…rightly understood God’s anger toward sin is eternal and unchanging..and so it follows he can never be PROVOKED..for this is contrary to his nature as immutable…God is pure act and not passively potentiated...

Hence, in his comments on Ephesians 4:30 (”Grieve not the Holy Spirit…”) Aquinas says, this phrase could be called a “metaphorical expression” because “The Holy Spirit is God in whom there can be no emotion or sorrow” (Commentary On Ephesians, 191). For God cannot be “provoked to wrath” (ibid)

-Doctor Norman L. Geisler (online articles-Is God an Android?) let us all be on our Guard against false prophets who attribute errors to the lips of the VIRGIN MARY and to JESUS the Son of God…amen