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MEDJUGORJE WEB UPDATE: Twelve steps to humility & pride

MEDJUGORJE WEB UPDATE: Twelve steps to humility & pride

12 Steps of Humility


12. Containment of one's interests, which shows itself in a humble bearing and lowered eyes

11. Quiet and restrained speech

10. Reluctance to laugh

9. Keeping silent unless asked to speak

8. Regarding oneself as having no special rights in the community

7. Thinking oneself less holy than the others

6. Thinking oneself unworthy to take initiative

5. Confessing one's sins

4. Patience in the face of accusation

3. Submission to superiors

2. Desiring no freedom to exercise one's will

1. Constant watchfulness against sin if we take the church militant as a community of believers with a common purpose then it follows that...

 ..we see in the phenomenon at MEDJUGORJE and through the public comportment and character of the seers themselves that they have not acquainted themselves with St. Bernard’s 12 steps to MEDJUGORJE we see flagrant dissension to the mandate of Authorized Superiors.. saying the vision is the Virgin while the Bishop and the Vatican have not come to the same conclusion...indeed there is confession of sin but one without judging the interior disposition of a soul doubts that disobedience to authority is one of the sins that is excogitated...

 .....of reluctance to frivolous laugher we see in some of the past discourses how the seers though young at the time were prone to bouts of inappropriate laughter particularly in association with the apparitions themselves..and in one instance the apparition itself mocked rightful church authority...from a tape recorded interview with the bishop in the early 80’s....


"The Virgin has reprimanded us because last time we did not say everything. She spoke about this ‘Herzegovina Case’, and she burst out laughing, and she added that she could have put everything in order herself. I had not the least idea of what it was all about. would the mother of God burst out laughing at a directive from an authorized Church authority??..

"Then I began to laugh. Then Jakov and I exploded with laughter. People asked us, 'Why are you laughing?' We answer that we are laughing because she had told us to laugh.

...indeed is one to believe that The Virgin Mary is condoning the mockery of Church directives??..I must say these antics of the apparition and seers fill the logical observer with reservations tinged with a redolency of suspicion ...... to say the seers show patience in the face of accusation is completely false since they have sided with the apparition apparition which stated at one time that the Bishop of Mostar has no love of God in his heart for the prelates God has vested him with the obligation to care for...indeed one of the spiritual acts of mercy is to bear wrongs patiently..and this they have not done since they persist in disseminating the messages in contravention of a direct order from the Bishop..who according to the apparition is the spiritual Father at this place...indeed the seers do not keep silent unless asked to speak....they speak at their whim and at the beck and call of their fesnyng desires....

April 26, 1982 MONDAY. Our Lady
The bishop - she says – doesn’t possess a scrap of the true love of God for those two.
With regard to the bishop, Ivica and Ivan should be peaceful because he has placed a too heavy load on their shoulders, only to get rid of them........

. What the bishop is doing is contrary to the will of  God, yet he can do as he pleases, but one day justice such as you have never seen shall be revealed.

..indeed we are also told by certain adherents to the messages that the Bishop is no longer an authority..since the Vatican has taken his authority away..which is dubious and well the apparition has contradicted this disclosure since according to the apparition itself the Bishop is the spiritual father at this place...

"Tell the bishop that I seek a quick conversion from him towards the happenings in Medjugorje before it's too late. May he accept these events with plenty of love, understanding and great responsibility. I want him to avoid creating conflicts between priests and to stop publicizing their negative behaviors. The Holy father has given all bishops the duty to fulfill certain tasks in their respective dioceses. Among these, bishops are to solve problems and arguments. The bishop is the spiritual father of all the parishes in Herzegovina. For this reason I seek his conversion towards these events. I am sending my second-last warning. If what I seek does not come about, my judgment and the judgment of my Son await the bishop. This means that he has not found the way to my Son Jesus." Our Lady told me to give you this message.

Bijakovici June 21, 1983 well through the habit of one of the seers named Vicka one sees she loves to meet pilgrims and  perform the laying of hands on their heads as an action of bestowing the spirit..and to claim this special charism which is reserved for Bishops upon the ordination of priests is an arrogant showing of special rights among the community of the faithful and imperious holiness....she is drawing attention to herself and promoting an apparition that has not been sanctioned by the this is conceited and pretentious and a show of lack of humility...also an insult against the suavity of the senses ....

..even lately there are rumours that Vicka is able to bilocate...a signal grace reserved for the holiest saint....really???...however Vicka claims she is unaware that this is happening to her..while staunch believers claim it is her they see in their presence albeit the are many hundreds if not thousands of miles of course this is dubious since the great saint padre pio always said a soul is aware of what is happening to it when it receives this one this a different sort of bilocation that VICKA is sounds like imperious holiness and an aping of authentic saintly attributes and gifts when one takes all the facts into must see that when we examine the character of the seers against solid Church sanctioned spirituality we see that...the terms holy humility and MEDJUGORJE seers are in fact a Contradictio in adjecto....



12 Steps of Pride


1. Curiosity about what is not one's proper concern

2. Light mindedness: chatter and exclamation about things which do not matter

3. Laughing about nothing; foolish merriment

4. Boasting and talking too much

5. Trying to be different: claiming special rights

6. Thinking oneself holier than others

7. Interfering presumptuously with the affairs of others

8. Self-justification: defending one's sinful actions

9. Insincere confession

10. Rebelling against superiors

11. Feeling free to sin

12. Habitual sinning


...indeed we are told early on in the visions that the seers asked the Gospa about all sorts of things from birthdays to sports scores and soccer game outcomes...indeed Mary is a mother however we have earthly mothers who can tend to our temporal needs..or earthly parental custodians...or family of one sort or another...if Mary were to appear on earth it would be for a grave reason to disclose important communiqué..however we have been receiving the same message every month ad would think after one message and an adequate oblated act of faith one would get on the good foot and amend their life..since the power of heaven  is perfection..all that God has said he has said once and instantaneously.. ,,and so it follows Mary would not malinger at one place or tarry too long lest she become an impediment to faith..

..if she had a few messages to impart she would say them once since what comes from God is rendered immune from potentiality is pure actualization and so the necessitation of repetitive messages from heaven disqualifies the potency of  those effect calling into question the sufficiency of God’s grace.. since everything is eternally new as it proceeds from God ...incessantly superfluous  messages from heaven are a non-sequitur..meaning heaven needs not repeat itself...those who are predilected by grace and nature to be stirred will reform according to the economy inherent in salvation..and no decree by any Bishop will suffice to frustrate the absolute will of ignore a good Bishop in good standing is an act of UNBELIEF and an undoing of the tenets of the faith....

...we shall let the discerning reader render the rest for the sake of brevity....amen