Tuesday, 9 July 2013




Double, double toil and trouble;
Fire burn, and cauldron bubble.”

-3 Witches Macbeth(William Shakespeare)



…because of the lack of obedience to rightful authority at MEDJUGORJE we have instruments which are out of tune…if obedience is the tuning fork for all the other virtues…as padre pio said…


“No Obedience no Virtue, no Virtue no Good, no Good no God”

-Padre Pio


we see that the adherents to the messages are not playing a delightful song on the ten stringed lyre of the soul..if the ten strings be the virtues necessary to keep one in sanctified grace we see we have a problem…


Give praise to the Lord on the harp; sing to him with the psaltery, the instrument of ten strings

-Psalm 32: 2


..now without obedience we do not have unison…in tonal music there is an arrangement of seven tones …we are familiar with the notes of the scale…well if one note is off then we have dystonic out of tune music…not pleasing to the ear…hence we have discord and this is the opposite of peace and conformity....so we see how the message of MEDJUGORJE is contradicting itself once again…


….so we have the double toil of crossing back over the path to grace again and again..since every time one visits Eucharist with an interior desire to be united to the mystical body of Christ they betray their disposition by not loving Christ in his magisterium and so they must start over and over again until hopefully one day these adherents will get it right…through a proper examination of conscience….and so the toil of garnering grace is double and double and doubled back upon itself…in effect it is a dog chasing its tail….one never progresses in grace…they become stuck in MEDJUGORJE and are a slave to the messages….


….indeed we have the fire of desire burning within many adherents..however a desire without a reason to guide it (as we are told by John of Cross)…is a blind desire which will burn and singe our soul and defile it since this fire of desire can never be slaked…in effect the more one desires to be like God and to be safely in heaven without having to carry the cross the more these desires overcome a person and the more they are inclined to gross public displays of outward piety and judgement of others…as a prelate watching over others such a person looks for the defects of others since they believe themselves to be touched by God and like God and so they are already in heaven so to speak..this is only a deception of the devil since this person is not using reason…they are only led by emotion and feeling…it is similar to a fire in an oven or a camp fire if one does not tend to the fire with a mind or a reason then the fire burns out of control…..people mistake for the fire of the Holy Spirit..indeed it is pride and unbridaled desire....


……indeed we have the cauldron symbolic of the body all boiling with desires unchecked…the fire of zeal overtaking reasoned discernment..so we have presumption overtaking faith…and we have people searching out fleshly feelings and warmth and condolence..indeed how far has this taken a soul away from the true cross of Christ?.....one wonders


..indeed we are told as long as people are praying then what harm can be done?...well protestants also pray and look what that has done to the unity of the one true church?....consequentialism is not a justification for complacency and pride….


..because people are blinded with pride they do not see the trouble ahead…since people are blinded by lusting for favours and consolations and solely wrapt within…they do not see the harm this is doing to the unity of the church…they do not see the bystanders who are witnessing this spectacle from different perspectives…in effect what an outsider sees is spirit chasing…

Looking for specters and phantasms appearing out of nowhere…indeed what the apparition chasing has done has made the catholic church more of a laughingstock than anything else….


..if one finds themselves converting over their belief in false visions they should consider themselves lucky….take the money and run so to speak…however do not go to MEDJUGORJE expecting truth from these SEERS…indeed the spirit of Mary occurs anywhere her psalter is prayed …Mary is also right next to her son at the consecration of mass where the victim is immolated and oblated..Mary never leaves Christ’s side…however to say that Mary is appearing through a group of disobedient renegades which indeed is an opinion directly in defiance of two successive heirs to apostolic tradition..well then it makes one weep…swallow your pride it is not poison….and extricate yourself from the boiling cauldron of your emotion and desire…Jesus taught balance in life…since the devil was imbalanced he finds himself in an inordinately bad condition…if a soul is out of balance it is the same as a body that is out of balance it gets sick…a body is disturbed by imbalance in humours homeostatic mechanisms cannot buffer the inclemency and sickness ensues  and a soul becomes disturbed by its desires which are unchecked...thus such a soul becomes susceptible to the snares of the devil...

…indeed Jesus was overcome with zeal for his father’s house..however we are not Jesus..Jesus was perfectly balanced in virtue..there is a great difference…too much zeal without prudence...burgeons into fanaticism..after years of study and practice on the road of sanctity we may one day attain divine union however until then we should rely on good bishops which the Vatican has placed out of charity and justice for all to maintain order and to teach the true paths to God..indeed if we are told to sin then we are not to obey however…do not let common sense and fear cloud our intellect… be ever vigilant and have faith in the Lord and his Church to guide us..amen