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                                                   MEDJUGORJE: THE MESSAGE


...The Catholic Encyclopedia tells us that restricted indifferentism while it indeed appears to promote tolerance(false ecumenism) and peace....indeed it is a frame of mind that is poisonous to the spiritual tenets of the one true church.....

The dictatorship of relativism decrees that tolerance is the only virtue. Because there is no such thing as truth I must tolerate ‘your truth’ and you must tolerate mine. The problem with this is that tolerance must eventually end in decadence. It ends in decadence because if there is no truth, then there are also no moral standards, and if there are no moral standards, then anything goes, and if anything goes, then decadence is the result.”

                                                -Father Dwight Longenecker

…and so we may safely say MEDJUGORJE is spiritually  DECADENT..since it espouses a threshold of religious tolerance and false ecumenism…..indeed we are to love our neighbor but we are not to embrace error….creeping syncretism

..for to obey a Bishop's decree concerning private revelations in some cases while to defer them to the opinion of our will  in other indeed special pleading

 In distinction from absolute Indifferentism, a restricted form of the error admits the necessity of religion on account, chiefly, of its salutary influence on human life. But it holds that all religions are equally worthy and profitable to man, and equally pleasing to God…..The full reply to this error consists in the proof that God has vouchsafed to man a supernatural revelation, embodying a definite religion, which He desires that all should embrace and practice. Without appealing to this fact, however, a little consideration suffices to lay bare the inherent absurdity of this doctrine. All religions, indeed, may be said to contain some measure of truth; and God may accept the imperfect worship of ignorant sincerity. But it is injurious to God, Who is truth itself, to assert that truth and falsehood are indifferent in His sight. Since various religions are in disagreement, it follows that, wherever they conflict, if one possesses the truth the others are in error.”….Catholic Encyclopedia

….However in MEDJUGORJE we have revealed to us by the Virgin that all religions are pleasing to her Son….you would think that millions of people in error would be a concern for Jesus and that he would desire conversion or prayers of intercession for the conversion of sinners or even anticipatory prayers to this effect or the consecration of victim souls as sufficient salutary oblations etc……indeed Jesus might be dismayed rather than pleased…


(Question to SEER) "Is the Blessed Mother calling all people on earth to be Catholic?"

(SEER:) "No! The Blessed Mother says all religions are dear to her and her Son. She says it is we on earth who have made division."

....well indeed what is one to understand of this answer....all religions are dear to Jesus???...indeed all people are equally loved by God..and all people are born with the potential to end in beatitude and hence become equal sharers in the beatific vision according to their degree of grace...however all people are not equal in merit before God..and all religions indeed are not equal....if this were the case then the notion of merit and guilt would be non essential..hence we would need to throw objectivity out the window....maybe we should give the SEER the benefit of the some vital details may have been lost in the cognitive transcription of the message...nonetheless there is a problem with the it stands it points to restricted indifferentism

....if all religions are dear to Jesus then we can say the blood of the martyrs holds no particularly great example of a brave martyr is John DeBrebeuf one of the Martyrs of Huronia in Midland Ontario Canada..

...when we consider the cost in the coin of love he paid to plant a green bower of love in the new world at the price of incomprehensible suffering ...let us see what he endured for the love of Christ and his church including her bishops in good standing...

...We see John DeBrebeuf..after spending years learning the language of the natives he was trying convert which in itself was a terribly difficult undertaking..he also endured constant danger of reprisals and threats of death and capture...finally he was taken prisoner by an enemy tribe and subjected to....

     1.     Torture for hours before being killed

2.     Stripped and tied to a post

3.     Burnt on various parts of his body

4.     Had his lip cut off, due to the fact he was consoling and preaching to his compatriots

5.     Had his fingernails ripped out

6.     Had a heated rod forced down his throat

7.     Collar of hot hatchet heads (axe heads) tied around his neck

8.     His executioners cut off strips of his flesh and cannibalised him (ate his flesh)

9.     Scalped him (removed the top portion of skin including hair from his cranium)

10.   Drank his blood

11.   Ripped his heart out and ate it

12.   Poured boiling water on his head in a mock baptism

....indeed it was recognized at the time and in the consequent time that this martyrdom and the other deaths were PROOF that God had blessed this mission and that it would be we see a contraindication to martyrdom  in the message of MEDJUGORJE....the deaths of martyrs in vain?????....

..the Canadian martyrs.. The Martyrs are St. Jean de Brébeuf (1649) St. Noël Chabanel (1649), St. Antoine Daniel (1648) St. Charles Garnier (1649) St. René Goupil (1642), St. Isaac Jogues (1646),St. Jean de Lalande (1646) and St. Gabriel Lalemant (1649)

The indifferentism...the arrogance and spiritual complacency....indeed it makes one weep.....we cannot condemn each other as we are all prone to bouts of frailty..however we must be vigilant and examine our conscience to keep it free from abberant ideas...

And I saw seats. And they sat upon them: and judgment was given unto them. And the souls of them that were beheaded for the testimony of Jesus and for the word of God and who had not adored the beast nor his image nor received his character on their foreheads or in their hands. And they lived and reigned with Christ a thousand years

-Revelation 20:4 their next adoration session as an exercise in recollection I entreat the advocates of MEDJUGORJE to meditate on the sacrifice this great saint (John DeBrebeuf) has made for the church of Christ and his bishops in good standing....and if possible try to reconcile the contradictory message we have received from the SEER at medjugorje...

...God bless.....amen