Tuesday, 2 July 2013


                                                          MEDJUGORJE: THE MESSAGE


                                            FAITH, HOPE, & CHARITY....SUBVERTED


The three theological virtues of faith hope and charity are necessary for a person to proceed in the way of habitual grace... to progress one must have faith in order to enlighten the intellect to the things of God...faith is a dark light to the senses...faith is not based in emotion which is a lower power of the soul...faith works through the highest powers of the soul the intellect and the will...and so faith orders our intellect towards truths beyond the sight of our rational mind’s eye...also we say that faith is to will for something we understand to be the first truth and we hope for this thing which is unseen...guided by divine inclination through habit...we form ourselves through continual participation in the sacraments...faith becomes the substance of what we hope for...so we see if what we hope for is already present before our eyes..then we no longer need to exercise our faith..since we see what we hope for..through continual daily apparitions....this in effect weakens our faith...if we want to make faith a habit of our mind..we must strengthen our resolve thorough acts of charity..then the things we hope for become more deeply entrenched in our hearts and so we hope all the more for the things unseen...and so it is hope which unites us..we are falsely united by visions which appeal to our lower appetites (desires)…and so we say God is hope

 (Romans 8:25): "We hope for that which we see not"


….for what we see we cannot hope for..in effect through daily visions we get respite on our journey of faith and we lose opportunities to gain fortitude and perseverance as well as courage and patience… so we see from placing our faith in the things seen we lose out on obtaining many other virtues that can aid us in progressing on our journey…. The adherents to the message of medjugorje tell us we must go and see and experience the phenomenon at medjugorje..we must see the sun spin and and we must witness the spectacle… in effect what we are advised to do is to contradict scripture…


Romans 10:17  [17] Faith then cometh by hearing; and hearing by the word of Christ.”



…scripture tell us faith comes by hearing and once heard passively the active intellect processes this information …if one has faith the will then gives its assent to follow..however in medjugorje we do not hear the voice of God since God works through his church..and the church has stated through her bishops that nothing supernatural is occurring and so if we have faith in the church we will not follow..this hearing by the word of Christ..allows the intellect that is bent over and blinded by sin to see the object of its desire..this is not a physical sight..it is a metaphysical spiritual sight…a sight that connected to charity and hope comes into fruition after a soul hears the voice of her beloved and goes on its quest to attain virtue by Christ’s commands..that is why Jesus said if you abide by my Father’s commands we will come and abide within you ..the lover will receive a garland of lilies pleasing to the Lord…as John of the cross says in the ascent of mount carmel that once the soul achieves divine union …


“I remained, lost in oblivion

My face I reclined on the beloved

All ceased and I abandoned myself

Leaving my cares forgotten among the lilies..”    -john of the cross



we attain God through acts of love..and so we can say God is love…


…not by following vain visions which appeal to our sense of self love…and we see this is how the devil subverts love by replacing it with vanity..


Ecclesiasties  1:2   [2] Vanity of vanities, said Ecclesiastes vanity of vanities, and all is vanity.


 Revelations  2:7     He, that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith to the churches: To him, that overcometh, I will give to eat of the tree of life, which is in the paradise of my God.


…to those who are patient, courageous and perseverant….to the ones who have fortitude and faith in adversity..they will overcome ….the ear is symbolic of faith..to hear what the spirit says is to understand by Christ’s words…Christ has told us to love God with all our heart..indeed if we love God with our entire being then we shall abide by the words of the shepherds that Christ has commissioned to shepherd us to safety…..


…when one seeks solace from visions and emotions and fleshly desires they scatter the intellect through their lower appetite..in effect such a one weakens the faith by dividng itself from within…so the scripture in a moral sense tells us…


Matthew  3:24    And if a kingdom be divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand


…if as st. Augustine tells us the kingdom of God is within…and we see that we aquire this kingdom through a walk anchored in faith…and if faith guides the intellect then we see that..visions and desires and emotions will defile our intellect and in turn weaken our faith..so when we hit periods of dryness and bitterness we run the risk of losing our faith since it is not rooted in mortifications but emotions and feelings of the flesh….people run the risk of falling out of faith.. and we end up running over ground we have already traversed..because we don’t cultivate virtues of patience and fortitude…or we go back to the beginning and end up in a vicious circle.. our devotions become dry and boring (empty) because they are not rooted in faith hope and charity…so a person who relies on daily visions completely closes themselves off to the true path of spiritual progress and replaces it with a counterfeit way and this is how the devil subverts good and holy exercises with tricks and gimmicks….
Galatians  5:5   For we in spirit, by faith, wait for the hope of justice.


…..a person who is just respects the rights of others….now our pre-eminent right is to possess God in all his inherent goodness according to the measure of our love as we have served him through our vocation….as well if justice is correctly understood we will see that justice is a habit where everyone gives to each person as according to the will of God….since the will of God resides in Christ..since Christ is the Word incarnate…we can see that each person must in order to be just do their best to guide their neighbor to the church of Christ…at MEDJUGORJE  we apprehend the contrary…we see an obstinate attempt to guide people away from what the church of Christ tells us…and so we endure injustice

…as in Babylon the people are turning each to their own …and by doing this they are becoming scattered and divided in a spiritual sense…since each person is a slave to their desire they are all speaking a different spiritual language and so like in Babylon they are scattered since spiritually they are not seeking God by his one source which is the church of Christ…. Remember the bishops belong to the church of Christ…when we ignore a bishop who is acting within his rightful authority then we ignore Christ…


..so anchored in faith, and by works of charity we place our hope in the cross…not in daily apparitions or monthly messages…amen