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..uncuriously there abounds many false Prophets rearing up their ugly head ready to entrap the faithful with fantasy messages attributed to Jesus... such false Prophet is one who calls himself ...ENOCH....
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;;; this is the latest message from ENOCH who tells us his messages are considered private revelation by the CHurch (however this can be said of any message) and so there is no official CHurch approval of these messages...the message  can be also found disseminated on the fanatical site The BIBLical False Prophet... is considered a valid message from Jesus...which is absurd..and indeed very careless and presumptuous...

17 June, 2014 - 8:15 A.M.
My peace be with you sheep of my flock
It is drawing close a great pandemic which will reduce much of the world population! Diseases’ viruses are being scattered in the airspace of many nations; the kings of this world serving my adversary are supporting these campaigns which are targeted to the called Third World countries, and it is aimed to reduce the infant and elderly people population.
In many countries, with the complacency of its governments, has been sterilizing female population, so that do not born life. The high rates of poverty of many nations have been tapped by some Masonic foundations and organizations to develop women sterilization and abortion campaigns.
It is testing a vaccine and other kinds of medicines which are lethal because it sterilizes active female population but also it produces several kinds of uterine cancer. Reproductive organ of women are being destroyed with these medicines which are looking for to end life and to reduce population of less developed nations.
Government companies and entities, which are serving freemasonry, give financially support to these campaigns of death, which are oriented to cut down population of poorest countries. My children, the medicines that it is producing are not offering the benefices expected of it. Mankind health became a business; many medicines are producing so negatives collateral effects that it aggravates the conditions of ill people. Elderly population will be diminished; all this has been planned by the new world order which seeks to take control of humanity during my adversary’s time.
My children, you are already walking in the purification desert; hang on to me, and do not let go of my mother’s hand; trust and pray and be very careful because the path that you must pass is full of traps. Remember that the battle is spiritual and of your prayer depends that everything goes according with My Father’s Will. Do not forget that My Father respect your freewill and His Holy Will is favorable to His people as long His people keep praying, fasting and doing penance.
My father will give you victory according to your prayers; if you pray, fast and do penance in chain you will be victorious; but if you neglect praying and you put your trust in yourselves without ask for divine help, I assure you that you will be defeated and many will be lost. My Father does not delight in your death or in your suffering, because you well know that the essence of God is Love, and Love who is God desires that you have life, and life in abundance.
My children review over, I say it again, the message of survival given to our instrument Mary Jane Even, for many pandemics and illnesses, which are approaching will be only healed with the natural medicines that we made known through that message. I remind you that you are in purification times, and you cannot relax with your prayers, because my adversary, his emissaries and his evil host do not rest, they are seeking ways to make you lose. Accompany me, in the silent of early morning, at 3:00 A.M. and at 3:00 P.M. for praying together the Divine Mercy Chaplet; the power of my mercy destroys all actions of the malignant and his agents of evil; offer it for this intention and you will see how will be thwarted all my adversary’s plans. My peace I leave you and my peace I give you. Repent and be converted because the kingdom of God is at hand.
Your Master and Shepherd: Jesus, the Good Shepherd.
Make known my messages to all mankind after careful perusal of this message one notices a couple of obvious flaws....the first flaw is that God's essence is not Love... God's essence is his existence...

Philosophical Proof from St. Thomas Aquinas’ Summa Theologica
Primary Argument
P1. Whatever a thing has besides its essence must be caused by the constituent principles of that essence or by some exterior agent.

P2. Consider a created thing. It is impossible for a created thing’s existence to be caused by its essential constituent principles because nothing can be the sufficient cause of its own existence if its existence is caused.

C1. Therefore, a created thing has its existence different from its essence.

P3. God is the first efficient cause.

C2. As the first efficient cause, anything God has cannot be due to an exterior agent.

C3. God’s essence is identical to his existence

Secondary Argument:

P1. Existence is that which makes every form or nature actual. Existence is actuality as opposed to potentiality 
P2. There is no potentiality in God; only actuality. 
P3. God is his essence. 
C1. Since God is actuality his essence is existence.

..and so we see that Love is not God's essence..Love is an attribute of God in a secondary sense...

"St. Thomas, however, in considering the attributes as they relate to God as He is in Himself seems to have devised a better classification, by distinguishing between those that pertain to the divine substance and those that refer to the divine operation .(24) In the first class of attributes we have simplicity, perfection, goodness, infinity, immensity, immutability, eternity, unity, invisibility, and ineffability. In the second class, however, we have knowledge, will, and love, and subordinate to these are justice, mercy, and providence, as virtues residing either in the will or in the intellect. "

& we see...

There are three leading opinions, and they are the result of the different ways of solving the twofold problem about universals and the analogy of the divine names.(27) Let us first consider the extreme views that are fundamentally in opposition.
I) The nominalists admitted only a mental distinction between the divine attributes, like the verbal one between Tullius and Cicero, or between Cicero the subject of some proposition and Cicero the predicate of another proposition.
They give two reasons for this opinion: (1) The universal is not even fundamentally present in things; only individuals exist, and in these there is no true, essential, and unchangeable similarity according to the species, the genera, and the transcendentals; (2) hence not even analogically can anything be predicated of God and creatures at least in the proper sense, but only metaphorically or symbolically. (28) Hence to say, "God is just," would no more properly belong to Him, than to say "God is angry." To say that "God is just" would not mean that He is so substantially but only causally, inasmuch as He is the cause of justice in creatures just as He is the cause of life in animals.(29)"

---Excerpt from  (The One God) A Commentary On The First Part of Thomas Aquinas Summa, Reginald Garrigou-Lagrange O.P. one sees after careful consideration that God's essence is his existence and that his essence is distinct from his attributes...God is the cause of Love in creatures..and an attribute predicated to him..yet God more correctly is existence and this is his essence..while Love is an attribute of his..yet he is in himself above all predication...


..also we see in the above false message the call to pray the divine mercy at 3 three am is traditional in occult craft known as the witching hour or the Demon is an hour the devil chooses to mock Christ...among Ghost hunters it is known that evil spirits choose this time of be most active...and so yes indeed it is as good a time as any to pray..however it is certainly most over zealous  and not practical to wake up at this hour and disturb one's rest...this can only lead to problems if one's vocation calls for a good night sleep...of course only someone who is trying to turn valid Church devotions inside out would call for prayer at 3 am..unless you were an anchorite or a monastic,,otherwise this is totally un-necssary....and ultimately would be ruinous to one's health..which is exactly what the devil seeks to do...he does not mind if he induces some to excessive mortification and penance if such extreme penances and devotions bring about the ruin of a person's health..then the devil has done his job..and led someone who is faithful to Christ into misery and despair..for he fashions his disciples after his own...for he fell though pride into despair and eternal damnation....

..of course the discerning reader can see this message is based in fear and not love...and so is rudimentarily false...

let us all examine ourselves in love and truth using tested precepts of Mother Church..and not fall prey to the wiles of extremism and fanatical sects...... amen