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...From the Summa Contra Gentiles of Thomas Aquinas we have Chapter 20- God is not a Body..

from his disputations we see how those people who believe that wisdom  dwells in the bodily refreshment of apparitions of those things which are divine..such are greatly deceived since God is not a body..God is a spirit and those who wish to love him with the naked intention of the total dispensation of their will would do well to seek God in SPIRIT and TRUTH..through obedience to the precepts of his CHurch and those agents which he has vested with his authority....
from the Summa Contra Gentiles
[2] Every body, being a continuum, is composite and has parts. But, as we have shown, God is not composite, and is, therefore, not a body.
[3] Again, everything possessed of quantity is in a certain manner in potency. For a continuum is potentially divisible to infinity, while numbers can be increased to infinity. But every body has quantity and is therefore in potency. But God is not in potency, being pure act, as has been shown. Therefore, God is not a body.
[9] Again, no infinite power is a power in a magnitude. But the power of the prime mover is an infinite power. Therefore, it is not in any magnitude. Therefore, God, Who is the prime mover, is neither a body nor a power in a body
[11] That the power of the first mover is infinite is proved thus. No finite power can move in an infinite time. But the power of the first mover moves in an infinite time because the first motion is endless. Therefore, the power of the prime mover is infinite. The first proposition is proved thus. If the finite power of some body moves in an infinite time, a part of that body, having a part of the power, will move in a shorter time; for the greater the power of a mover, the more it will be able to keep up its motion in a longer time. Thus, the aforementioned part will move in a finite time, and a greater part will be able to move in a longer time. Thus, as we add to the power of the mover, we shall always add to the time according to the same proportion. But after a certain addition has been made, the addition will reach the quantity of the whole or even exceed it. So, too, an addition of time will reach the quantity of time in which it moves the whole. But the time in which it moved the whole was said to be infinite. Therefore, a finite time will measure an infinite time—which is impossible
[30] No motion, furthermore, which is from a corporeal mover can be continuous and regular, because in local motion a corporeal mover moves by pulling and pushing. Now, what is pulled or pushed is not uniformly disposed towards its mover from the beginning to the end of the motion, since at times it will be nearer and at other times farther away. Thus, no body can move with a continuous and regular motion. But the first motion is continuous and regular, as is proved in Physics VIII [7]. Therefore, the mover of the first motion is not a body.
..these are just a few of the many arguments  Aquinas gives to show that God is  pure spirit not contained within any body...
..true it is easier for the human mind to construct through the imagination forms of God to aid one in directing their devotion to a particular attribute of God..or even to remind one of those we love such as a Mother or a Father figure..however if we are to love in a more chaste sense then we will abandon the notion that God is a body and that the refreshment one recevies from  spectres and apparitions only prove to put obstacles between  our being and the TRUTH and the secundum quid EVIDENCE of what  God is... chasing apparitions we put barriers between ourselves and God ..yet many are deceived at MEDJUGORJE since they have not been educated correctly in the spirit...we must seek God in spirit and abide by the precepts of Holy Church..... order to Love God we must Love in humility and Obedience and through poverty of spirit which is abnegation of the that it is God doing the willing..and this is how we put off the old person and put on the new person in CHrist... amen