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Pride is the Excessive love  of one's own excellence, for which Satan was Damned. It is ordinarily accounted one of the Seven Vices (Capital Sins). rebel_angels3.jpg (14276 bytes) Saint Thomas, however, endorsing the appreciation of Saint Gregory, considers it the Queen of all Vices, and puts Vainglory in its place as one of the Deadly Sins. In giving it this pre-eminence he takes it in a most formal and complete signification. He understands it to be that frame of mind in which a Man, through the love of his own worth, aims to withdraw himself from Subjection to Almighty God, and sets at naught the Commands of Superiors.

It is a Species of Contempt of  God and of those who bear HIS COMMISSION. Regarded in this way, it is of course a Mortal Sin of a Most Heinous sort. Indeed Saint Thomas rates it in this sense as one of the Blackest of Sins. By it the Creature refuses to stay within his Essential Orbit; he turns his back upon God, not through Weakness or Ignorance, but solely because in his Self-Exaltation he is minded not to submit. His attitude has something Satanic in it, and is probably not-often verified in Human Beings.

A less Atrocious kind of Pride is that which Impels one to make much of oneself Unduly and without Sufficient Warrant, without however any disposition to cast off the Dominion of the CREATOR. This may happen, according to Saint Gregory, either:

littlegoldcross.gif (962 bytes) because a man regards himself as the source of such advantages as he may discern in himself,
littlegoldcross.gif (962 bytes) or because, whilst admitted that GOD has bestowed them, he reputes this to have been in response to his own MERITSMerits,
littlegoldcross.gif (962 bytes) or because he attributes to himself GIFTS which he has not;
littlegoldcross.gif (962 bytes) or, finally, because even when these are real, he unreasonably looks to be put-ahead of others.

Supposing the conviction indicated in the First two Instances to be seriously entertained, the Sin would be a Grievous One and would have the added Guilt of Heresy. Ordinarily, however, this Erroneous Persuasion does not exist; it is the Demeanor that is Reprehensible. The Last two cases, generally speaking, are not held to constitute Grave Offences. This is not true, however, whenever a Man's Arrogance is the occasion of Great Harm to another, as, for instance, his undertaking the Duties of a Physician without the Requisite Knowledge. The same Judgment is to be Rendered when Pride has given rise to such Temper of  SOUL that in the pursuit of its Object, one is not deterred by anything, even Mortal Sin.

Vainglory, Ambition, and Presumption are commonly enumerated as the Offspring Vices of Pride, because they are well-adapted to serve its Inordinate Aims. Of themselves, they are Venial Sins unless some Extraneous Consideration puts them in the ranks of Grievous Transgressions. It should be noted that Presumption does not here stand for the Sin against HOPE. It means the Desire to Discern what exceeds one's Capacity


...and of course after reading the above excerpt from the Catholic Encyclopedia it becomes readily evident that such a spirit of Pride encapsulates the spirituality at MEDJUGORJE...the outward piety at this place only serves to cloak the hypocritical interior disposition of the adherents...we readily see contempt of the local Ordinary and since he is the one who bears the seal of Christ's Commission we see that pride is the impetus which fuels so much disobedience and spiritual sanctimony at this well we see that people here are so conceited as to claim they have requisite knowledge above the Authority of the local Ordinary to which Jesus has granted Authority to discern and so this is a grave sort of pride which will be the occaision of harm and scandal among the faithful which may lead them into incredulity of Church precepts regarding established magisterial powers..which may end in schism...let us strive for humility so that we may avoid pride by undertaking to learn more about the  pursuit of virtue ...amen