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MEDJUGORJE | ENVY -The Seven Deadly Sins

Jealousy-(Envy)-the seven deadly sins

-Pieter Breughel- (Envy)  from Seven Vices and a Virtue

Jealousy is here taken to be synonymous with envy. It is defined to be a sorrow which one entertains at another's well-being because of a view that one's own excellence is in consequence lessened. Its distinctive malice comes from the opposition it implies to the supreme virtue of charity. The law of love constrains us to rejoice rather than to be distressed at the good fortune of our neighbour. Besides, such an attitude is a direct contradiction of the spirit of solidarity which ought to characterize the human race and, especially, the members of the Christian community.

The envious man tortures himself without cause, morbidly holding as he does, the success of another to constitute an evil for himself. The sin, in so far as it defies the great precept of charity, is in general grievous, although on account of the trifling matter involved, as well as because of the lack of deliberation, it is often reputed to be venial. Jealousy is most evil when one repines at another's spiritual good. It is then said to be a sin against the Holy Ghost. It is likewise called a capital sin because of the other vices it begets.

Among its progeny St. Thomas (II-II:36) enumerates hatred, detraction, rejoicing over the misfortunes of one's fellow, and whispering. Regret at another's success is not always jealousy. The motive has to be scrutinized. If, for instance, I feel sorrow at the news of another's promotion or rise to wealth, either because I know that he does not deserve his accession of good fortune, or because I have founded reason to fear he will use it to injure me or others, my attitude, provided that there is no excess in my sentiment, is entirely rational.

Then, too, it may happen that I do not, properly speaking, begrudge my neighbour his happier condition, but simply am grieved that I have not imitated him. Thus if the subject-matter be praiseworthy, I shall be not jealous but rather laudably emulous

-Catholic Encyclopedia at the Phenomenon of MEDJUGORJE one sees rampant disobedience to lawful Church authority...we have proponents who willfully or due to ignorance spread messages as most undoubtedly emanating from the Mother of God....lending credibility without credence to these appearances as factually supernatural... disobedience to Canon 823 which allows a local Ordinary the right to censure any private revelation has shown that through the detractions and hatred of the Bishop by disdain of his decrees at this place we have the vice of envy running rampant...

..this is the poison of Satan which is infiltrating the body of the faithful...since the Hierarchy is ignored we see that many envy Church authority and wish to supplant it by usurping the apostolic succession at this place with modernism and liberal cafeteria Catholic dialogue which aims at disturbing the peace of Christ and replacing it with a counterfeit peace or a concord of subversive wills....all this is a direct result of the messages of Gospa which tell us to replace the intellect with the heart or emotions..yet this cannot be done...

....for blind desire will weary and inevitably injure the soul ... without the intellect to inform a soul it cannot love correctly and so fails in charity..and does not give God the honour he deserves and so such a soul does not become a praise of God's fact the messages of Gospa subvert God's glory...indeed God will not be mocked...acts of the will (affections) which are not guided by an enlightened intellect (based on precepts gleaned from the deposit of the faith)  undermine the Church of Christ with sycophantic and blind slavish superstition...such a  soul becomes a slave to desire and becomes a tool of Satan causing discord from within the Church... Medjugorje many envy authority and so wish to have it for their own so they obdurately ignore the authority which Christ commissioned through his Good Bishop at this place....let us all examine ourselves with a view to unity so that our spiritual life on earth will be a presursor to an endless unified life together in the Church triumphant ....amen