Saturday, 29 March 2014


MEDJUGORJE APPARITIONS OF THE VIRGIN MARY?? many have claimed supernatural visions of the Virgin Mary at MEDJUGORJE...however according to the Church it cannot be ascertained that we are dealing with supernatural manifestations...according to two local Ordinaries it may be duly noted that they have cautioned the faithful against any prevarications pertaining to Church directive which may be attributed to  the Queen of Heaven...the reasonable person must if they are a sincere lover of God and his Church realize that nothing supernatural is occurring at MEDJUGORJE apart from the normal effects of the action of grace as it proceeds from the efficacy of the sacraments of the Church...


....the presence of the sacraments does not validate any apparition..only sound discernment can do this...


....the presence of the sacraments as a pastoral redolence is a direct result of the exaggerated sense of curiosity owing to the deceptions and the clear disobedience of some who have chosen to go against clear directives of the spiritual superiors at this place who have asked that all messages of the apparent Madonna be handed over for review before being disseminated to the faithful..yet this has never been done which is a direct transgression of Canon 823 & 824 regarding the dissemination of private revelations...and so we can clearly see that the virtue of HUMILITY is not being nurtured by the spirit of MEDJUGORJE..we see a false humility which seeks to exhalt itself over the agents of God and such a spirituality is anti-Christ... wit the hall mark of HOLY HUMILITY is subjection to the precepts of our spiritual as to ensure that  holy precepts should frame our actions and influence the movement of our will towards the things of God so we may be conformed in unity and that we may see the will of God in the will of his agents..namely his Bishops and prelates...


..and so let us guard ourselves from false humility which ever seeks its itself and the will of itself and ever loathes the rebukes of others for fear that it must look inward and see the myriad faults..since this is the true path of the cross of self-mortification...which Jesus speaks of in the Gospel....


..let us see what the wise spiritual doyens say about the importance of the virtue of HUMILITY..


He does not show humility who accuses himself (for who will not accept rebukes from himself?), but he who, being rebuked by another, does not decrease his love toward him.

-Saint John of the Ladder


"The virtue of humility consists in keeping oneself within one's own bounds, not reaching out to things above one, but submitting to one's superior"

“The vices opposed to humility are,

  1. pride: by reason of defect, and
  2. a too great obsequiousness or abjection of oneself, which would be an excess of humility. This might easily be derogatory to a man's office or holy character; or it might serve only to pamper pride in others, by unworthy flattery, which would occasion their sins of tyranny, arbitrariness, and arrogance.”

-Saint Thomas Aquinas


Nothing is more opposed to God than pride, for self-deification is concealed in it, its own nothingness or sin. Thus more than anything humility is acceptable to God, which considers itself nothing, and attributes all goodness, honor, and glory to God alone. Pride does not accept grace, because it is full of itself, while humility easily accepts grace, because it is free from itself, and from all that is created. God creates out of nothing. As long as we think that we can offer something of ourselves, He does not begin His work in us. Humility is the salt of virtue. As salt gives flavor to food, so humility gives perfection to virtue. Without salt, food goes bad easily, and without humility, virtue is easily spoiled by pride, vainglory, impatience - and it perishes. There is a humility which a man gains by his own struggles: knowing his own insufficiency, accusing himself for his failings, not allowing himself to judge others. And there is a humility into which God leads a man through the things that happen to him: allowing him to experience afflictions, humiliations, and deprivations.

-Saint Philaret of Moscow

“God resisteth the proud, and giveth his grace to the humble”

-Saint James (James 4:6)

“Learn of me, because I am meek, and humble of heart: and you shall find rest to your souls”

-Saint Matthew ( Matthew 11:29)

“Publicly proclaiming oneself a sinner yet obstinately nurturing a bad opinion of an Agent of God without trying to make remediation through obeyance of a precept  is the worse form of hypocrisy and arrogance…since by doing so one betrays the cloak of false humility which covers the interior disposition of inordinate self love…thus perpetuating the spirit of the Pharisees..”