Wednesday, 6 November 2013


MEDJUGORJE Vatican Commission: Censure on Apparitions


  ...according to a letter sent to the Conference of US Bishops by the Vatican..all alleged apparitions by Medjugorje Visionaries which occur in U.S. churches are censured as well the letter goes on to say...

...all faithful and priests...

"are not permitted to participate in meetings, conferences or public celebrations during which the credibility of such 'apparitions' would be taken for granted."

…indeed the good angels themselves surely inveigh against the poor spiritual example the seers at MEDJUGORJE evince through their continued disobedience to ecclesiastic authority….

According to St. Bonaventure in the mind’s road to God there are six powers of the soul by which we ascend to God …

. Therefore, according to the six stages of ascension into God, there are

six stages of the soul's powers by which we mount from the depths to the

heights, from the external to the internal, from the temporal to the

eternal--to wit, sense, imagination, reason, intellect, intelligence, and

the apex of the mind, the illumination of conscience ("Synteresis"). These

stages are implanted in us by nature, deformed by sin, reformed by grace,

to be purged by justice, exercised by knowledge, perfected by wisdom.


…and so we see at MEDJUGORJE the sense and the imagination have scattered the reason and the intellect…proponents have felt a stirring at this place and through the imagination have conjured up many pious feelings and devotions however this is not based in reality…the reason and the intellect tell us that the Church itself has not come to the same conclusion and so we must put presumption aside as Thomas Aquinas tells us regarding pusillanimity(fear of acting within one’s power) and presumption…indeed many proponents are also guilty of pusillanimity through shrinking from the greatness they might have attained in charity if they had worked to achieve obedience which indeed was in their power to apprehend..yet through inordinate zeal they have become complacent and fallen victim to acedia and many other unseemly habits

“According to its proper species pusillanimity is a graver sin than presumption, since thereby a man withdraws from good things, which is a very great evil according to Ethic. iv. Presumption, however, is stated to be "wicked" on account of pride whence it proceeds”

..indeed we see presumption stems from the stalk of complacency of whose root is is an evil habit to be avoided..let us look to the humility of the saints to guide us through the contentious difficult times so that we may find unity in truth and peace thereafter….

..thank God that the Vatican has censured the unorthodox Pharisee patterned spirituality of MEDJUGORJE..and by so doing has sent a message that devotion to Mary is a good practice yet disobedience to her Son’s Bishops is not so edifying or mystically apposite….amen