Thursday, 3 October 2013



 ...the spiritual quagmire that is the phenomenon of MEDJUGORJE is a substantial departure from the truth contained within the Gospel...the truth of which Jesus announced he was the incarnation of and of whom this truth ennobled within would make one free... be prepossessed of spiritual poverty one must not forsake material goods per se but be at odds with them if these articles tear asunder a soul from  love of Christ and engendering of truth within.... be spiritually impoverished means to remove all obstacles which stand in the way of  the achievement of perfect spiritual potency....whether thought, desire, or temporal chattel.... some vocations the use of material goods is a benefit yet in other vocations material goods can hinder God’s will for a soul..indeed the beauty of poverty is seen in the merit which is awarded to the practitioner who for love of the privations and sacrifices which involve its practice unites a soul to the Cross of Christ through true unity of the mystical body of Christ.... be spiritually impoverished means to be empty of any impetus for action save that of desiring to do God’s will in all things.. the pursuit of heroic virtue a vow of poverty is required as a promise to God that interiorly one will forsake all temporal conveniences in a spirit of constant renunciation in order to follow Christ to the best of one’s ability.... summary to be spiritually impoverished means to mortify the memory of any temporal good and fill it with hope of the world to come.... POPE FRANCIS chose as his eponym  St. Francis of Assisi or Il poverello (the  poor one)...

....St Francis was a mendicant friar of the middle ages who was gifted with  graces and nurtured the holy desire to emulate Christ ...conscientiously seeking Christ in the poor and preach the Gospel with actions since through obedience to the whims of one’s neighbour one cannot fake the action yet one can easily fake the exterior expression (acting).... we see to practice poverty one must vow and promise God that one will be obedient to one’s neighbour in whom Christ dwells...and also to be obedient to ones spiritual superiors ..upon our baptism and subsequent confirmation we all make a reasonable tacit vow to pursue Christ and forsake satan who is the spirit of contention...and so we see as it makes it clear in the Catholic Encyclopedia...


A sin against the vow of poverty is necessarily an offence against the virtue of religion, and when committed in connexion with religious profession it is even a sacrilege. It may be a grave or a slight offence. The question, what matter is grave, causes great difficulty to moral theologians; and while some regard the appropriation of one franc as a grave matter, others are more lenient. Most theologians are inclined to compare the sin against the vow of poverty with the sin of theft, and say that the same amount which would make theft a mortal sin would, if appropriated contrary to the vow, constitute a grave offence against poverty

.now to end this short summary of holy poverty we can reflect on a verse from the little flowers of St. Francis and from some of the wisdom from one his early followers Brother Giles….


A certain Religious once complained of his superior in the presence of Brother Giles, because of a severe obedience which he had received from him; to whom Brother Giles made answer: "Dearest brother, the more thou complainest, the heavier dost thou make thy burden, and the harder will it be to carry; but the more humbly and devoutly thou submittest thy neck to the yoke of holy obedience, the sweeter and the lighter will that yoke be to bear. But it seems to me that thou art not willing to bear reproach in this world for the love of Christ, and yet desirest in the next world to be with Christ; thou art not willing in this world to be persecuted and evil spoken of for Christ, yet in the other world thou wouldst fain be blessed and welcomed by Christ; thou willest not to labour in this world, and thou wouldst repose and take thy rest in the other. Brother, brother! I tell thee that thou dost grievously deceive thyself, for it is by the way of shame, humiliation and reproach that a man attaineth to true celestial glory; and by patiently enduring derision and contumely for the love of Christ, doth a man attain to the glory of Christ. For the worldly proverb saith well: `He who gives not what costs him something, shall not receive that which he desires.


..when one weighs these words against the phenomenon at MEDJUGORJE one can honestly see many truancies and diversions from the spirit of truth..let us all examine ourselves through a recollected spirit…amen