Thursday, 12 September 2013

MEDJUGORJE UPDATE: HOLY is better to be cautious 100 times than to be slain once....


...of the four cardinal virtues one may see that the exercise of holy prudence in all circumstances is essential for anyone to proceed on the paths of holiness....and so from Augustine to Aristotle to Boethius and Lombard we are told that without prudence a person undermines every action they undertake and in the end what one thought to be a good is rendered a bad out of the utility of acting without right reason....

 ...prudence itself as defined by Aristotle in summary ...recta ratio agibilium..or..RIGHT REASON APPLIED TO PRACTICE...may be rendered towards an intellectual habit which aids us in discerning what is a virtuous course of action and what is a sense Holy Prudence is a light to the reason..and as Jesus was described by John the evangelist as a light of which the darkness knew it not...we see when we apply the light of Jesus to a mortified will and a tamed intellect we proceed more efficiently in the paths of beneficence...

 According to the Catholic Encyclopedia ...

 Prudence, therefore, has a directive capacity with regard to the other virtues. It lights the way and measures the arena for their exercise. The insight it confers makes one distinguish successfully between their mere semblance and their reality. It must preside over the eliciting of all acts proper to any one of them at least if they be taken in their formal sense. Thus, without prudence bravery becomes foolhardiness; mercy sinks into weakness, and temperance into fanaticism

 ...indeed in MEDJUGORJE we have naive young converts to the paths of spirituality who without the aid of holy prudence have fallen into fanaticism and foolhardiness since they believe against the spiritual fathers that disobedience to a Vatican initiative and a local Ordinary’s directives is a logical and prudent venture of the reason...however if it were not for two thousand years of magisterial discernment and Vatican directive there would be no edifice on which to stand and so we see that ignoring such an appeal to reason is rash, negligent and thoughtless…and so it follows we see such traits emergent among the proponents of MEDJUGORJE…. 

 Sins against prudence fall into two categories those from defect namely rashness, negligence and thoughtlessness… and sins of excessive appetite which transgress a reasonable prudential disposition..sins of excess include imprudence of flesh and emotion, astuteness, and undue solicitude about the temporal future which causes one to neglect provisions required for an eternal state of the soul…

 ...imprudence  a defect of foresight in regards to the practical order of creation…..

 Rashness: implies someone who has deliberated and made a decision without due consideration of the ramifications of such a decision…and so we see in MEDJUGORJE people have decided that belief in an apparition justifies disunity in the mystical body of the Church

 Negligence: does not allow a mind time for deliberation…as we are told when we buy a car for instance to take practicality into consideration and not do purchase based on emotion however in MEDJUGORJE people have not done this…and in the long run have made a bad purchase spiritually by selling their soul to presumption and division..instead of operating on unity and mercy and filial charity….

 Objurate imperious Astuteness: if astuteness implies one who through devious trickery aims at misconstruing absolute directives and tries to find loopholes to procure their own prerogatives then we see this occurring in MEDJUGORJE…many people seek to deviously subvert Church policy in order to push their own appeal to conscience as a guide or an appeal to justification that the Church says it is not wrong to visit such a place however  if one weighs all the details in the balance as one should before proper deliberation is made then one must say that to follow seers over a Church built on two thousand years of trust and hope and charity is indeed a precipitous and dangerous stake of one’s faith and mind….   

 Undue Solicitude for temporal condolence..we see this occurring in a great conflux at MEDJUGORJE..people feel good and so they follow this feel good feeling however the feel good appears justified by a call to pray and fast  confess and adore (scrupulosity) yet it ignores the Gospel message of generosity...if we do not give of ourselves..we will not Jesus said he who gives his life will save it and he who keeps it will lose it..

as scripture tells...

Amen, amen I say to you, unless the grain of wheat falling into the ground die, [25] Itself remaineth alone. But if it die, it bringeth forth much fruit. He that loveth his life shall lose it; and he that hateth his life in this world, keepeth it unto life eternal.

John 12:24

...Jesus is here speaking of holy obedience ..;poverty of spirit...and mortification of the is a spirituality of generosity rather than scrupulosity...of which the Peligians are known..
...  indeed if one is disobedient to Church directives and magisterial decrees then such a person is outside the Church spiritually they have set themselves at odds they in effect have become tiny islands unto themselves…and are not in union with Christ and his shepherds…..indeed the Vatican has told us that no claims on the supernaturality of the visions may be made in a public manner which calls for further Church study if it stands it can not be proven by the Church that these visions are manifest supernature and so indeed may be preternatural or an artifice of men…yet we see all over the world wide web that Mary is appearing..indeed this is against prudence it is rash is an appeal to foolishness..and so it goes the Church is seen by the world as a foppish collection of clowns who seek to curry their carnival appetite through a theatre of the absurd as it is portrayed in MEDJUGORJE…..

…..let us see what the saints have to say about the virtue of PRUDENCE….

It is not good (prudent) to load ourselves with many spiritual exercises: it is better to
undertake a little, and go on with it; for if the devil can persuade us to omit an exercise once, he will easily bring us to omit it a second time, and, more easily still, a third, until all our pious practices will, at last, melt away.

 -St. Philip Neri


Prudence must precede every action which we undertake; for, if prudence be wanting, there is nothing, however good it may seem, which is not turned into evil.

 -St. Basil

There are two sorts of prudence, the one human, the other Christian. Human, carnal, or worldly prudence is that which has only worldly prosperity in view, and is indifferent about the means, provided it attains its object. Christian prudence takes Eternal Incarnate Wisdom for its guide in every thought, word, and work. It is regulated in every emergency, not by fatuous, glimmering light of its own, or by worldly judgment, but by the maxims of faith.

 -St. Vincent DePaul

                                             -the topsy turvy world- peter breugel the elder

 [14] A fool shall be filled with his own ways, and the good man shall be above him. [15] The innocent believeth every word: the discreet man considereth his steps. No good shall come to the deceitful son: but the wise servant shall prosper in his dealings, and his way shall be made straight.

[16] A wise man feareth and declineth from evil: the fool leapeth over and is confident. [17] The impatient man shall work folly: and the crafty man is hateful. [18] The childish shall possess folly, and the prudent, shall look for knowledge.

-Douay Rheims Bible , Proverbs 14:14-18

Let everyone who has the grace of intelligence fear that, because of it, he will be judged more heavily if he is negligent. Let him who has no intelligence or talent rejoice and do as much as he can with the little that he has; for he has been freed from many occasions of sin.

 - St. Bridget of Sweden